TEACH Services, Inc. has been publishing and distributing books for Seventh-day Adventists since 1984.

When it comes to publishing your work, we offer a full line of printing and publishing options. We are set up with desk-top publishing computerized equipment to typeset and layout your manuscript to achieve a camera-ready copy for the press.

We will guide you through the editing proofing, printing, and binding of your project. We don't have salespeople, expensive advertising or plush offices as some companies. What we do have is quality workmanship, dedicated personnel and excellent service.

As a Christian Organization we follow the Biblical injunction found in Philippians 4:8 for determining which titles we will accept. This means of course that we would decline anything that is of a fictional nature or could be deemed as fantasy.

The cost of publishing your manuscript depends upon factors such as the page size, the number of pages and photographs/illustrations (black and white or color), charts, the cover and the number of books you order.

The two main expenses in book manufacturing are the pre-press (prep work) and the set-up charge at the press. The more books you pay for us to print, the less they cost “per copy.”

As your marketing distributor, we will offer your title to all our resellers and to other bookstores and distributors across America and Canada through “Books in Print” as well as on the Internet to “Barnes & Noble,” “Amazon.com,” and “LNFBooks.”

For questions or to get the cost of publishing your manuscript, call Timothy Hullquist today at (800) 367-1844.