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7 Mysteries Solved / Peth, Howard / (HB/2002-2002/B+/USED)



*Condition Note: Book is in good condition and clean inside, has signs of use on the pages edges. *


Important Questions About Life

What happens at death?
The resurrection
Is there a literal hell?
Is man a created being?
666: history's strange mark
A monument in time
The second coming of Christ

Author and research Howard Peth turns to an ancient book—the Bible—for the answers and takes a closer look. For anyone who has pondered the mysteries of life and what the scriptures say on these key issued, Peth's well-researched book is surely worth the read. 7 Mysteries Solved does not assume the reader believes in God. It meets readers where they are and leads them to logical solutions for seven of the most puzzling mysteries ever to confront mankind.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark Finley

Author's Preface

God's Existence
Does God exist? How do we know there really is a Divine Being?
The Folly of Atheism
Does God Exist?

Is evolutionary theory a valid explanation for the nature of things?
The Theory of Evolution Part I
The Theory of Evolution Part II
Theistic Evolution: Unwise Compromise
How Long Were the Days of Creation?

Deity of Christ
Was Jesus Christ divine? Was the humble Carpenter of Nazareth really the holy Son of God? What can we believe about His resurrection?
Jesus Meets Every Test
The Resurrection of Christ: Myth or Miracle?
Life's Greatest Question

State Of The Dead
What happens when a man dies? Are the dead really dead or alive somewhere else? Will wicked people be punished by burning forever?
Solving the Mystery of Death: Part I
Solving the Mystery of Death Part II
Eternal Torment: A Burning Issue

Day of Worship
Why do most Christians worship on Sunday while many others observe the seventh day of the week? Which day is the Christian Sabbath?
When God Said "Remember" and the Whole World Forgot!
Sunday in the Bible

Final Events the Future
What does the future hold? Is there any way of knowing what's next on the world's agenda?
History Told in Advance
Signs of Christ's Return in Sun, Moon, Stars
Truth on Trial: The Secret Rapture
The Millennium: God's Timetable

Mark Of The Beast
How can we identify the Antichrist/Beast power?
What is meant by the mysterious "Mark of the Beast"? Is there any way we can avoid that Mark?
Antichrist Unmasked: Beast Power Revealed
The Mark of the Beast vs. the Seal of God

Appendix A - A Physician's View of Evolution
Appendix B- Science and the Scriptures
Appendix C- The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9
Appendix D- Christ's Post-Resurrection Appearances
Appendix E- The Identity of Michael, the Archangel
Appendix F- The Two Laws: A Study in Contrasts
Appendix G- God's Law Reflects His Character
Appendix H- Signs of Christ's Coming
Appendix I- Is Israel Still God's Chosen People?
Appendix J- Is the Bible in Chronological Order?
Appendix K- The Catholic Confessional



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