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Champions of Faith-Conquering Heroes-2/5 / Neff, Merlin L / (HB/2008-2008/B+/USED)



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The story of the children of Israel in Egyptian bondage and their marvelous deliverance from the hands of their enemies is one of the epics of all time. The book of Exodus introduces us to a rapidly enlarging picture of a nation. There are still individual heroes, such as Moses, Joshua, Rahab, and the judges who delivered Israel; but now we are following a great multitude and not merely one man or one family. There are daring adventures for youth. Little Miriam watches the basket that holds her baby brother. She obeys God and her parents in spite of the law of a cruel king. An army of young men follow their leader into battle with torches and clay pitchers as their chief weapons. What a strange adventure! A youth kills a lion, carries off the gates of a city, tells a puzzling riddle to his friends, and is finally taken prisoner by enemies. There are only a few of the episodes from God's wonderful Book--inspiration for boys and girls of today.

In the story chapters we continue to follow the daily life of Captain Tim and his friends, Bette, Roy, and Dick Barrett. These juniors have the same interests and the same questions about the bible stories and the life of the people of long ago that thousands of other boys and girls have. These story chapters were planned to throw light on the country, the customs, the natural science, and the history of the period so that the Bible will be more understandable.


1. The Son of a Princess
2. Escape From Death
3. Plagues Fall on Egypt
4. The Last Night in Egypt
5. Water From the Rock
6. When God Spoke From the Mountain
7. Rebellion in the Camp
8. God Meets With His People
9. Tragedy at the Border
10. The Earth Swallows the Rebels
11. Serpents Enter the Camp
12. The Man Who Couldn't Curse Israel
13. The Death of Moses
14. Rahab Protects the Spies
15. Crossing the Jordan River
16. The Conquest of Jericho
17. A Traitor in the Camp
18. When the Sun Stood Still
19. Dividing the Conquered Land
20. A Woman Saves the Nation
21. Gideon's Call to Arms
22. A Battle With Pitchers and Torches
23. Samson Wants His Own Way
24. Samson Is Betrayed
25. Ruth, Great-Grandmother of a King
26. The Boy Prophet
27. The Golden Ark Is Captured
28. Israel Asks for a King


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