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Church Manual, Seventh-day Adventist / G C of SDA's / (HB/1986-1986/B/USED)



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In these inspired words, in the 1877 General Conference action, and in the need for well-defined rules that are requisite to good order, is found not only the justification for this Church Manual but also its rightful claim upon us all, both ministry and laity.


Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 The Church of the Living God
No Wall of Partition
The Supreme Object of Christ's Regard
The Opposition of the Enemy
The Church Complete in Christ

CHAPTER 2 Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists

CHAPTER 3 Organization Founded on Divine Principles
Biblical Basis for Organization
Vital Importance of Organization
Divine Purpose in Organization

CHAPTER 4 The Form of Organization in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Forms of Church Government
Four Constituent Levels in the Seventh-day Adventist Organization
The Church's Institutions
General Conference the Highest Authority

CHAPTER 5 Church Membership
Membership on a Spiritual Basis
Baptism a Gospel Requirement
Doctrinal Instruction for Baptismal Candidates
Baptismal Vow and Baptism
Transferring Members
Conference or Field Church
Organized Companies
Queries Concerning Receiving and Dropping Members

CHAPTER 6 Church Office and Their Duties
Their Qualifications
The Church Elder
Church Leaders
The Deacon
The Deaconess
The Church Clerk
The Church Treasurer
Interest Coordinator

CHAPTER 7 The Services and Meetings of the Church
The Sabbath Worship Service
Longer Order of Worship
Shorter Order of Worship
The Communion Service
The Prayer Meeting
The Sabbath School
Adventist Youth Society
Adventist Junior Youth Society and Pathfinder Club
Church Missionary Meetings
The Church Board and Its Meetings
School Board Meetings
Home and School Association
Business Meetings

CHAPTER 8 Auxiliary Organizations of the Church and Their Officers
The Department of Lay Activities
The Sabbath School
Adventist Youth Society
The Adventist Junior Youth Society
Pathfinder Club
Church Education Secretary
Home and School Association
The Church School Board
Department of Health
Department of Stewardship and Development

CHAPTER 9 Ministers and Workers in Relation to the Church
A Divinely Appointed Ministry
The Conference President
Pastors and District Leaders No Executives
President and Committee Direct Departmental Secretaries
Work of Departmental Secretaries Not Administrative
Relation of Ordained Minister to Church Work
Churches Do Not Elect Pastor
Licensed Ministers
Bible Instructors
Adventist Book Center Managers
The Pastor Should Assist the Evangelist
President and Committee Direct Conference Workers
Credentials and Licenses

CHAPTER 10 The Church Election
Nominating Committee
Election of Delegates to Local Conference Session
Responsibility of Conference Officers
Conference Committee Members to Represent the Entire Conference

CHAPTER 11 Gospel Finance
The Tithe
Church Budget
General Counsel

CHAPTER 12 Standards of Christian Living
The High Calling of God in Christ Jesus
Bible Study and Prayer
Community Relationships
Reverence for the Place of Worship
Health and Temperance
Radio and Television
Recreation and Entertainment
Social Relationships
Courtship and Marriage

CHAPTER 13 Church Discipline
General Principles
Safeguarding Unity of the Church
Administering Discipline
Censure Defined
Disfellowship Defined
Reasons for Which Members Shall Be Disciplined
Caution in Disciplining Members

CHAPTER 14 Organizing, Uniting, and Disbanding Churches
Organization of a Church
Uniting Churches
Disbanding or Expelling Churches

CHAPTER 15 Divorce and Remarriage
Our Position

CHAPTER 16 The Pulpit Not a Forum

CHAPTER 17 Organizations for Holding Church Properties: Trust Services, Wills, and Annuities
American Temperance Society
Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty
Deacons and Ushers
Youth Council
Adventist Junior Youth Society
General Index
Index of Scriptures Texts
Index of Extracts From the Spirit of Prophecy Writings


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