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Grandeur of Job--The Sage of Uz, The /Dickinson, George Thomas / (PB/HB/1973-1973/C+/USED)



*Condition Note: Book is sturdy. It is also marked up and has writing throughout.*


The book of Job has been a treasure mine for Bible students for centuries. While to the nominal Christian the name of Job is synonymous with patience, the more serious student recognizes the book is much more valuable as an investigation into the reason for suffering, why the wicked are allowed to flourish, and what God's plan is to resolve it all. Further, the book of Job does not put forth pat answers to these questions. In form largely poetic, quick glimpses into the divine plan leave plenty of room for analyzing, amalgamating, and applying of broad principles to specific situations.

In "the Grandeur of Job" the author blends a personal knowledge of the ways of deserts, such as Job must have lived in, with an equally personal knowledge of the ways human beings, especially those who have known suffering and hardships firsthand. A series of vignettes, or "mini-biographies," helps to illustrate the relevancy of the message of Job to the generation of today.


Introduction the Great Dilemma
1. "The Fire of God Is Fallen"
2. "The Blast of God"
3. "As the Sparks Fly Upward"
4. An Appointed Time Upon the Earth
5. The Mover of Mountains
6. As Robbers Prosper
7. "Physicians of No Value"
8. Shake the Unripe Grape
9. At Lowest Ebb
10. "Pulverize me With Words"
11. "They Spend Their Days in Wealth"
12. "I Shall Come Forth as Gold"
13. "His Squadrons Are Without Number"
14. A Vein for Silver and a Place for Gold
15. "A Robe and a Diadem"
16. The Man From Buz
17. What Ever Happened to Huz and Buz?
18. "Songs in the Night"
19. Who Is the Rain's Father?
20. "Deck Thyself . . . With Majesty"
21. The Greatness of the Sage of Uz
22. The Epilogue of Splendor


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