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Millennial Fever / Knight, George R / (PB/1993-1993/B+/USED)



Black Wednesday: October 23, 1844.
This was to have been the first day in heaven. Instead, the advent believers found themselves still chained to earth, reeling in shock and grief—the laughingstock of the jeering world. The Bible, they were utterly certain, had said Jesus would return on October 22. He hadn't.
"The Bible proved to failure?" asked Hiram Edson, voicing the giant questions haunting the wounded flock. "Is there no God, no heaven, no golden home city, no paradise? Is this all but a cunningly devised fable?"
A century and a half have now passed. In this landmark volume, author-historian George Knight recounts the history of that shattering disappointment—a crucible of dashed hopes from which arose today's Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Fifteen decades after the great disappointment, Jesus still has not come. The swift cruelty of overpowering shock has given way to an ever-deepening disillusionment and skepticism.
After October 22, 1844, the advent believers could only wonder why Jesus hadn't come. Today, some Adventists may wonder if He ever will. Adventists without an advent? Fable chasers?
Somewhere between white-hot millennial fever and hope grown stone cold lies the patience of the second-advent saints. This book shows how to find it.


Table of Contents

A Word to the Reader
PART I: Moving Toward the Year of the End
1. Millennial Fever
2. The Making of a Millennialist: William Miller's Early Years
3. Miller's Mission to the World
4. Enter Joshua V. Himes: Mission Organizer
5. More Millennial Missionaries
PART II: The Year of the End
6. Entering the Year of the End
7. Coming Out of Babylon
8. The Spring Disappointment
9. The Tarrying Time
10. The "True Midnight Cry"
11. The October Disappointment
PART III: Moving Away From the Year of the End
12. Adventism's Radical Fringe
13. The Albany Reaction
14. The Sabbatarian Disentanglement
15. Millerism at 150


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