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Cry of a Lonely Planet, The / Vandeman, George E / (PB/1983-1983/B/USED)



*Condition Note: Minor overall wear, including some outer page staining.*


This book will tell you -Why God hasn't stepped in to stop the war and crime and sickness and disaster that seems to be out of control- Why a strange cosmic war-in which not a shot was fired, and in which not one participant died-concerns you personally- Why the psychics sometimes possess information that is known to no living person but you- Why and how a false prophet can easily be recognized-and many other questions.


Table of Contents

And Now Before You Turn the Page
I. The Cry Of A Lonely Planet
1. Please, God, Be Careful
2. Robots Don't Fight
3. A Strange War
4. Tears on Other Worlds
5. The Strategy of Rebellion

II. Play And Counterplay
6. Play and Counterplay
7. God's Desert Sandbox

III. Sometimes You Need A Prophet
8. Sometimes You Need a Prophet
9. The Confounding of the Psychics
10. Decoding Bible Prophecy
11. Countdown to Bethlehem

IV. A Piece Of The Sidewalk
12. A Piece of the Sidewalk
13. Handbook For Messiah
14. Shortcuts
15. The Ragtag and Bobtail
16. The Thunder and the Smoke

V. The Foolishness Of Golgotha
17. The Foolishness of Golgotha
18. Identity Crisis

VI. Truth And Propaganda
19. What Really Happened at Calvary
20. The Repainting of Golgotha

VII. Love Is Something You Do
21. The Jericho Road
22. This is How It Works
23. The Pardon and the Power
24. Color Choice
25. Doing What Comes Naturally

VIII. The Dark Centuries
26. Avalanche of Terror
27. Red Stairs to the Sun

IX. Three Angels Flying Swiftly
28. The Truth About 1844
29. Isn't the Cross Enough?
30. No Doomsday for Robots
31. Their Picture in God's Album
32. Storm Warning
33. A Prophet in the House

X. Creator On Trial
34. Looking For Adam
35. When God Made Rest
36. The Tops of the Mango Trees
37. Five Kilometers east

XI. Strategy At Showdown
38. Strategy at Showdown
39. The Whisper of the Ax
40. Forever Marked
41. The Ultimate Hoax

XII. Toying With The Nick Of Time
42. The Breath of Armageddon
43. Toying With the Nick of Time
44. Airlift
45. God's Yellow Ribbons


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