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Happiness Homemade--Abridged Adventist Home / White, Ellen G./ (PB/1985-1985/A/USED)



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How can you keep your marriage from breaking up?

How can you preserve your children from delinquency?

How can you most effectively discipline your children?

Howcan husbands keep their wives happy?

How can you build your home on a foundation of lasting spiritual and psychological principles?

Happiness Homemade answers these and many similar questions and will help make both today's homes and tomorrow's society healthy and happy.

The sixty-one short, practical chapters include: "Where Should Your Home Be?" "Building and furnishing Your Home," "Planning the Size of Your Family," "Security Through Love," "Father's Responsibilities," "Problems of Motherhood," "the Child Before Birth" "Principles of Family Finance," "Recreation Is Essential," and "What Shall We Play?"

The mother of four children, Ellen G. White, a religious writer with deep insights, offers much helpful advice to parents and children in Happiness Homemade. She discusses almost every phase of home and family life and suggests answers to most of the problems that greatly concern today's parents.


1. Atmosphere of Your Home
2. Fundamentals of True Homemaking
3. Man's First Home
4. Influence of Your Home
5. Solemon Promises
6. A Happy, Successful Partnership
7. Mutual Obligations
8. Where Should Your Home Be?
9. Your Family and the City
10. Building and Furnishing Your Home
11. Children, a Blessing
12. Planning the Size of Your Family
13. Parents' Legacy to Children
14. A Sacred Circle
15. Your Child's First School
16. Family Companionship
17. Secuity Through Love
18. Garden of the Heart
19. Promises of Divine Guidance
20. Father's Responsibilities
21. Sharing the Burdens
22. A Companion With His Children
23. Tolerant, Courteous Husbands
24. Mother's Responsibilities
25. The Mother's Influence
26. Misconception of the Mother's Work
27. Problems of Motherhood
28. Mother's Health and Appearance
29. The Child Before Birth
30. Care of Little Children
31. Mother's First Duty
32. Encouragement for Mothers
33. True Estimate of Children
34. Mother's Helpers
35. Honor Due Parents
36. Counsel to Children
37. Home Government
38. A United Front
39. Religion in the Family
40. Moral Standards
41. Divorce
42. The Aged Parents
43. Stewards of God
44. Principles of Family Finance
45. Practicing Economy
46. Instructing Children About Money
47. Business Integrity
48. Provision for the Future
49. Portals We Must Watch
50. Courtesy and Kindness
51. Cheerfulness
52. Speech
53 .Hospitality
54. Your Social Needs
55. Guidance in Social Affairs
56. Recreation Is Essential
57. What Shall We Play?
58. Directing Juvenile Recreation
59. The Rewards
60. The World to Come
61. Pen Pictures of the New Earth


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