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If You Love Jesus... / Anfenson-Vance, Deborah / (PB/1988-1988/B+/USED)



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"Lately I've been thinking about the things I own, which gives me a lot to think about. Not that I'm rich or anything; I just have a lot of stuff. I own a basement full of stuff, a main floor full of stuff, and a second floor full of stuff, and my heart quails at the thought of dusting it, let alone moving it. Most of the time I feel less like a queen in her counting house and more like a sweaty tourist lugging three suitcases and a clothesbag across endless expanses of international airport linoleum."

This book comes to readers like a fresh breeze and a cool drink after a day of spring cleaning. Deborah Anfenson-Vance, assistant editor of the Adventist Review, has brought together 26 beautifully crafted articles about choosing between the stuff we need and the stuff we do not. 

She never preaches. She simply writes with sparkling humor about what she has observed in her own life. She may start with breakfast cakes or a haphazardly dressed husband or a friend who attends funerals as a hobby. Then she hold this experience up to the Light of the World, and shows us why some "thing" in life deserve our care and attention. These things may not be tangible. They may be simple and ordinary. But they are pieces of eternity. 


Table of Contents

I. Beginnings
The Great White Shark
Bringing On the Basics
II. Stuff and Things
Coming Out of the Closet
After the Words
Is There Life on Connecticut Avenue?
Something You Can Keep
In the Beauty of Holiness
Something Old, Something New
Lot's Wife Remembers
III. Expectations
Great Expectations
A Taste of Reality
IV. Talents, Risk and Action
Thinking of Changing the World?
Swimming Lessons
The Only Difference
V. Time
Slipping Through My Fingers All the Time
A Time That Is New
The Resurrection of the Living
VI. Gifts and Giving
No Strings Attached
Putting Your Cake Where Your Mouth Is
Adventures in Moving
VII. Caretakers of Life
Don't Honk if You Love Jesus
The Wonder and the Work
Bless the Beasts and the Turkeys
All on a Saturday Night
VIII. Epilogue
Garbage on My Mind


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