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Marriage Covenant, The #9 / Bacchiocchi, Samuele/PB/1991-1991/B+/USED



Condition note: Book is lightly used and clean.

What many people appreciate most about this book is the clear and compelling way it articulates the biblical principles for building a happy and lasting marital relationship. Many have expressed their appreciation for the enrichment this book has brought to their marriage. Some couples claim that this book has saved their marriage. You will appreciate the biblical approach to marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

1. The Institution of Marriage
The Creation of Woman
The Need for Companionship
A Suitable Helper
The Single Life
The Institution of Marriage
Becoming One Flesh
Marriage: A Sacred Covenant
The Covenant Concept
Hosea's Marriage
Later Prophets
Malachi's Teaching
Christ's Teaching
Paul's Teaching

2. How to Live Out the Marriage Covenant
The Importance of the Marriage Covenant
The Foundation of Marriage
A Covenant of Faith
A Covenant Under Attack
The Commitment of a Marriage Covenant
Total Commitment
Exclusive Commitment
Continuing Commitment
Growing Commitment
The Ten Commandments of a Marriage Covenant
A Double Concept of the Law
Law as a Loving Response
Sinai Covenant and Marriage Covenant

3. Marriage and Sex
Past Attitudes Toward Sex
New Testament Times
Christian Church
Augustine's Role
Original Sin
The Biblical View of Sex
A "Unisex" God
Becoming "One Flesh"
Sex as "Knowing"
Sex as Pleasure
Sex as a Divine Gift
Sex as Procreation
Importance of Children
The Use of Contraception
Contraception and Sin
Sex Outside Marriage
Marriage in the World to Come
Like Angels
Single in Heaven?
Cessation of Procreation
Continuity of Relationships

4. How to Handle Marital Conflicts
Causes of Marital Conflicts
Personality Differences
Intellectual Differences
Spiritual Differences
Vocational Differences
Role Conflicts
Family Crises
In-Law Difficulties
Sexual Adjustments
Use of Money
How to Handle Marital Conflicts
Be Committed to Preserving Your Marriage Covenant
Be Honest and Fair in Handling Conflicts
Keep Your Anger Under Control
Choose an Appropriate Time to Discuss a Problem
Stick to the Issue at Hand
Listen Carefully and Speak Tactfully
Be Willing to Forgive and to Forget

5. Roles Within Marriage
The Interpretation of the Headship/Submission Texts
Three Interpretations
Head as "Source"
Head as "Authority Over"
Mutual Submission?
The Nature of the Wife's Submission
The Nature of the Husband's Headship
Reasons for the Rejection of Husband-Headship
The Application of Headship and Submission
Practicing Headship
Leadership in Love
Leadership in Service
Leadership as Management
Leadership as Provider
Leadership in Discipline and Instruction
Leadership as Lawmaker and Priest
Practicing Submission
The Model of Submission
Submission as Loving Response
Submission as Respect
Submission as Acceptance
Submission as Putting Husband First
Submission as Role-Acceptance

6. Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible
The Teaching of Moses
The Grounds for Divorce
The Process of Divorce
The Result of Divorce
The Teaching of Malachi
The Teaching of Jesus in Mark and Luke
The Setting
Moses' Permission
A Clarification for the Disciples
The Contribution of Luke 16:18
The Teaching of Jesus in Matthew
The Exception Clause
Adultery or Sexual Misconduct
Unfaithfulness During the Betrothal Period
Refusal of Jesus to Comment
Inclusive Meaning
Marriages Unlawful According to the Mosaic Law
The Teaching of Paul in Romans 7:2-3
The Teaching of Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:10-16
Divorce of Two Believers
Divorce of a Believer Married to an Unbeliever Who Does not Want a Divorce
Divorce of a Believer Married to an Unbeliever Who Wants a Divorce
The Teaching of Paul on Divorce and Church Leadership
Exclusion of Polygamists
Exclusion of Digamists
Historical Support

7. Divorce and Remarriage Today
Divorce Violates God's Intent for Marriage
Difficult Application
Preaching Efforts
Educational Efforts
A Christian Couple Should Not Seek Divorce
No Application by Jesus
Conditional Separation is Permissible in Cases of Serious Marital Problems
An Example
Divorce and Remarriage are Permissible When Reconciliation is No Longer Possible
The Unbelieving Partner in Paul's Time
The Unbelieving Partner Today
An Example
Desertion and Remarriage
The Church Can Help Prevent Marriage Breakups
Disciplinary Actions
The Church Must Minister to Divorced and Remarried Persons
Role of Pastor
The Example of Jesus
Programs for Divorcees

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