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Microgreen Garden / Braunstein, Mark / Paperback



Grow your own superfoods indoors—no matter where you live!
Microgreens—the tender, young seedlings of herbs, vegetables, beans, seeds, and grains—are packed with intense flavor. They also contain four to six times the vitamins and phytochemicals found in mature leaves of the same plants!
An accomplished expert in the field of microgreen growing with years of in-depth research and direct experience, Mark M. Braunstein explains everything you need to know to grow microgreens at home, inexpensively and easily.
Microgreen Garden is filled with detailed how-to information, accompanied by the author’s enticing full-color photos of a wide variety of microgreens at different stages of growth. Every aspect of this unique form of gardening is explored in this comprehensive resource, which also includes a guide to nearly fifty species of microgreens that profiles each green according to its flavor, special handling needs, and more.
These nutritional powerhouses are cropping up in gourmet restaurants, upscale grocery stores, and trendy farmers’ markets everywhere. Now, with the benefit of Mark’s extensive experience, you can avoid common mistakes and grow your very own thriving, indoor microgreen garden.
* Learn how to choose quality seeds and protect their vigor and viability.
* Get expert advice on the best growing mediums, watering methods, and ways to grow just enough microgreens for yourself—or enough for a big, greens-loving family!
* Eliminate mold, rot, and bacterial contamination by using the simple yet thorough growing methods described.
* Grow a beautiful, powerfully nourishing garden year-round—in any climate.

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