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Patriarchs and Prophets--COTA 1/5 / White, Ellen G / (LB/1890-1890/B/USED)



*Condition Note: Cover disconnecting from spine. Minor page wear.*


This book shows the great conflict between good and evil as illustrated in the lives of holy men of old. It begins with the rebellion in heaven, shows why sin was permitted, why Satan was not destroyed, and why man was tempted. It gives a thrilling description of man's temptation and fall, and rehearses the plan of redemption devised in heaven. It contains over 7600 octavo pages. It is adorned with fifty engravings, over thirty of which are full page, and are especially engraved for this book at great expense.


Table of Contents

I. Introductory,--Why Was Sin Permitted?
II. The Creation
III. The Temptation And Fall.
IV. The Plan Of Redemption
V. Cain And Abel Tested
VI. Seth And Enoch
VII. The Flood
VIII. After The Flood
IX. The Literal Week
X. The Tower Of Babel
XI. The Call Of Abraham
XII. Abraham In Canaan
XIII. The Test Of Faith
XIV. Destruction Of Sodom
XV. The Marriage Of Isaac
XVI. Jacob And Esau
XVII. Jacob's Flight And Exile
XVIII. The Night Of Wrestling
XIX. The Return To Canaan
XX. Joseph In Egypt
XXI. Joseph And His Brothers
XXII. Moses
XXIII. The Plagues Of Egypt
XXIV. The Passover
XXV. The Exodus
XXVI. From The Red Sea To Sinal
XXVII. The Law Given To Israel
XXVIII. Idolatry At Sinai
XXIX. Satan's Enmity Against The Law
XXX. The Tabernacle And Its Services
XXXI. The Sin Of Nadab And Abihu
XXXII. The Law And The Covenants
XXXIII. From Sinai To Kadesh
XXXIV. The Twelve Spies
XXXV. The Rebellion Of Korah
XXXVI. In The Wilderness
XXXVII. The Smitten Rock
XXXVIII. The Journey Around Edom
XXXIX. The Conquest Of Bashan
XL. Balaam
XLI. Apostasy At The Jordan
XLII. The Law Repeated
XLIII. The Death Of Moses
XLIV. Crossing The Jordan
XLV. The Fall Of Jericho
XLVI. The Blessings And The Curses
XLVII. League With The Gibeonites
XLVIII. The Division Of Canaan
XLIX. The Last Words Of Joshua
L. Tithes And Offerings
LI. God's Care For The Poor
LII. The Annual Feasts
LIII. The Earlier Judges
LIV. Samson
LV. The Child Samuel
LVI. Eli And His Sons
LVII. The Ark Taken By The Philistines
LVIII. The Schools Of The Prophets
LIX. The First King Of Israel
LX. The Presumption Of Saul
LXI. Saul Rejected
LXII. The Anointing Of David
LXIII. David And Goliath
LXIV. The Magnanimity Of David
LXVI. The Death Of Saul
LXVII. Ancient And Modern Sorcery
LXVIII. David At Ziklag
LXIX. David Called To The Throne
LXX. The Reign Of David
LXXI. David's Sin And Repentance
LXXII. The Rebellion Of Absalom
LXXIII. The Last Years Of David


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