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Our world has changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping each other safe has necessitated distancing, and has hampered our ability to gather together to commune, share information, and communicate in ways we only can in person. This means it may have become more difficult for you to bless others with information about your ministry, organization, or product. If this is the case for you, we have a solution!

Resource Ministry Magazine is mailed to two groups: Members and Leadership. Our Member Mailing reaches about 50,000 active Adventist homes with a potential readership of about 150,000 individuals--all at a cost of less than 2 cents per reader. Our Leadership Mailing includes about 6,000 churches, companies, and home fellowships; 700+ NAD, Union, and Conference administrative personnel; along with all Adventist PK-12 schools and higher education, hospitals, libraries, media centers, Adventist businesses, and over 150 miscellaneous church organizations.

Generate leads and gain traffic on your website with an eye-catching spread that will garner attention from readers interested in what you have to offer. At low prices, your investment includes all printing and mailing expenses. Your message can be seen for just pennies per prospect, making a partnership with us a low cost, high quality choice. 


Seventh-day Adventists are known
worldwide for their interest in:

              • The Bible and Biblical studies
              • Generosity in support of worthwhile projects
              • Diet, health, natural healing, and medical work
              • Education and teaching/instruction methods



Comparison of RMM
Direct Mail, Union Papers, and Weekend Conventions

We pride RMM for being a low cost, high quality alternative to convention booths and placing ads in other magazines. All prices below take into account Early Bird registration and other discounts.





Weekend Convention1




Reach Potential
This is the amount of homes and potential qualified readership that may be found in the home, about three people to a home.

50k mailed
150k readers
33k mailed
99k readers
50k mailed
150k estimated readers

12k mailed
24k estimated readers

Postage/Mailing Costs
Includes the budgeted cost to mail your material directly to the homes. 

$ 10,000 N/A N/A N/A

List Rental
Rental of Active Adventist (not members simply "on the books" but those who are currently giving to multiple ministries).

$ 4,750 N/A N/A N/A

Printing/Promotion Costs
Includes any printing or handouts for conventions.

$ 7,000 $ 500 N/A N/A

Personnel Expenses
This includes your labor for the event, booth rental, Early Bird registration, travel, hotel accommodations, and meals. This budget is based on an average four-day weekend convention with two booth workers.

N/A $ 3,500 N/A N/A


N/A N/A 15% discount
when you run
your ad
ten times
$200 (14%) discount when you commit to one full year3

Design Costs Budget

$ 5001,500  $ 100  $ 200500   $ 0854
1/4 Page Display N/A  N/A $ 8402  $ 1,999

Total Cost Budget

$ 22,500 $ 4,100 $ 1,575 

$ 1,999 - Member
$ 499 - Leaders*

*Church, School, Leadership edition
includes church pastors, teachers, librarians, Bible instructors, Hospitals, media centers-- radio/TV, SDA business owners/workers

Reach Cost

 $ 150.00
per 1,000
 $ 6.30 each
 $ 15.90
per 1,000

$ 13.33* - Member
$ 20.79* - Leaders

*per 1,000 estimated readers

Pros and Cons

 Pros: You control mail dates, all advertising in your piece, and can target specific groups/areas easily.

Cons: Significant investment, and requires professional outsourcing.
 Pros: Face-to-face contact and specific to an area or organization.

Cons: Highest cost per contact and close contact with large groups.
 Pros: High saturation of specific areas and frequent mail dates available.

Cons: Approval process may be complex, there are 8 unions in the USA to contact, and mailed to active and inactive members.
 Pros: Mid-range saturation across the USA, quarterly mail dates. Member edition mailed to active Adventists―CSL edition sent to churches, schools, Conference/Union and school administrators.

Cons: NONE

Due to COVID-19, many conventions have been limited or closed. Many are unsure if these events will ever return with the same attendance as previous years. 
We have used the Lake Union Conference in this example and have retrieved this pricing data on July 22, 2020. There are 8 union papers in the United States and data will vary.
3 A $200 discount is applied when you commit to a full year of mailings, which includes one each of the "Church, School, Leadership" and "Adventist Members" editions.
When you apply by Early Bird submission date, there is no charge for design.


Mailing Dates

The Resource Ministry Magazine is mailed semi-annually, once to each of our recipient groups.

Early Bird

Copy & 

Feb 15 Mar 1 Apr 1

Churches, Companies, and Home Fellowships; 
Adventist Leadership in NAD/Union/Conference; Elementary Schools
Academies, and Colleges/Universities; Business owners/workers
Hospitals/Clinics; Media Centers; Libraries; 
Chaplains; and many more! (About 12,000+ in total)

Aug 15 Sep 1 Oct 1

Active Adventist Members (50,000+) with 
average of 3-4 members in a home 
(about 150,000 potential readers).

*Free graphic design when you commit by these Early Bird dates.
Note: If any of the above dates falls on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday, it automatically moves to the following business day.


Rates and Mechanical Requirements

Ad Size

Church, School, &

Leadership Edition

Member Edition

Size Requirements

1/4 Page

$ 499

$ 1,999

2.813"w x 4.624"h

1/2 Page

$ 799

$ 3,299

5.75"w x 4.625"h

Full Page

$ 1,299

$ 6,499

5.75"w x 9.375"h

Double Facing Pages

$ 2,399

$ 9,999

Two pages with borders,
5.75"w x 9.375"h each 
two pages full bleed,
6"w x 10"h each with 1/8" bleed
on top, bottom, and outside edges

Prices listed are for one-time commitments.



  • Graphic Design: *Free graphic design available when you commit by the "Early Bird Date" listed in the "Mailings" section. Designs created by TSI for use in the RMM are otherwise an $85.00 flat fee for any size. Design submissions must be in a CMYK PDF X1-A2001 compliant file.
  • Discounts: 
    • $200 (14%) discount available for full year commitments, which includes one each of the "Church, School, Leadership" and "Adventist Members" editions.
    • 25% discount available for authors who are promoting books they have published with TEACH Services.
  • Font: Minimum 12 point font on all main messaging. Smaller sized footnotes etc. can be appropriate.
  • Graphics: CMYK; 300 PPI


 Got questions? For answers, email Mariana at RMM@TEACHServices.com
or click here to book a phone consultation.


Join the Resource Ministry Magazine mission in reaching individuals who need to hear your message.


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Design FAQ

Here's your first, and often only, chance to grab the prospect. So remember the "3 B's"-make your headline Bold, Brief, and Benefit-oriented. Use your headline to flag a particular audience, such as "Tools for Members" or "Science Teachers." If you offer a free brochure with the headline "Three foods to reduce your blood pressure in ONE week," it will produce leads for people with high blood pressuregreat for health reconditioning centers.

Even a simple line drawing can capture attention. Photos and illustrations that harmonize with the product and with the headline are almost certain to lift response.

Rule number one: Get right to the point. With limited space, what you say is more important in your placement display than in virtually any other type of advertising. Include features and benefits of prime importance to the prospect, and offer additional details that can be sent to them by request in exchange for their address or email. This allows you to contact them two or three more times with follow-up letters/emails.

Yes! Tell the prospect exactly what to do and how to do it. Many leads are lost as the result of vague or confusing response instructions.



Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. Agency/client are jointly liable for payment on orders received and accepted. All orders are subject to terms of rate card. Cancellations after closing date are not acceptable. Prepayment required until credit is established. Publisher cannot guarantee results or outcomes of this mailing.

  • Ads should not make extravagant claims of superiority or use excessive, descriptive adjectives.
  • Ads are not published from organizations offering an investment opportunity, except those relating to the funds and trust services of the Adventist denominations' organizations and institutions.
  • Ads are not to recruit for distributors for multi-marketing companies.
  • Personal ads, such as those from individuals seeking marriage partners, etc., are not published.
  • Ads are not published for permanent placement or adoption of children other than from denominationally-owned.
  • ASI (Adventist-Laymen's Services & Industries) approved members may be exceptions to above.