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Sabbath in the New Testament, The / Bacchiocchi, Samuele / (PB/1985-1985/B+/USED)



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Does the New Testament teach the termination of the principle and practice of Sabbath keeping with the coming of Christ? To test the validity of this widely held view, Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi has devoted many years of painstaking research, which has been published by the Pontifical Gregorian University press.
In the Sabbath in the New Testament Dr. Bacchiocchi summarizes his extensive research by presenting four basic reasons for his belief in the permanence of the principle and practice of Sabbath keeping in the New Testament. These reasons are presented in a clear and simple way which ordinary readers can easily understand.
In the second half of the book Dr. Bacchiocchi answers a wide variety of questions people have often asked him in conjunction with his popular Lord's Day Seminar. The questions deal with historical, theological and practical aspects of Sabbathkeeping. This section entitled "Answers to Questions" makes the book a most valuable reference manual when dealing with frequently asked questions about the Sabbath.



Three Views on the Sabbath in the New Testament
Abrogation of the Sabbath
Transference of the Sabbath
Permanence of the Sabbath
Notes on Chapter I

The Continuity Between Judaism and Christianity
Continuity in Luke
Continuity in Matthew
Continuity and Discontinuity in Hebrews
Notes on Chapter II

The Creation Sabbath in the New Testament
Mark 2:27
Creation Origin and Function of the Sabbath
John 5:17
Allusion to Creation Sabbath
Creation not Settlement Origin
Notes on Chapter III

The Redemptive Meaning of the Sabbath
Sabbatical Redemption in the Old Testament
Sabbath Peace and Harmony
Sabbath Prosperity
Sabbath Delight
Sabbath Lights
Sabbath Rest
Sabbath Liberation
Sabbath Years and Redemption
Sabbatical Structure of Time
Sabbatical Redemption in the New Testament
The Sabbath in Luke
The Sabbath in Matthew
The Sabbath in John
The Sabbath in Hebrews
Notes on Chapter IV

Sabbathkeeping in the New Testament
The Fact of Sabbathkeeping
Implicit Indications
Explicit Indications
The Manner of Sabbathkeeping
New Worship Places
A Day to Do Good
A Day to Save
A Day of Benevolent Service
A New Christian Understanding
Notes on Chapter V

Paul and the Law
Usages of the Term "Law"
A Double Concept of the Law
The Law and the Gentiles
Paul's Criticism of the Law
Notes on Chapter Vi

Paul and the Sabbath
The Colossian Heresy
Theological and Practical Aspects
The Written Document Nailed to the Cross
Record-Book of Sin
Approbation or Condemnation of Sabbathkeeping
Implicit Approbation
The Nature of the Regulations
Syncretistic Practices
The Sabbath in Colossians 2:16
The Sabbath in Romans
Fast Days
The Sabbath in Galatians
Week Days
Notes on Chapter VII

Questions About the Sabbath in the Old Testament
Notes on Chapter VIII

Questions About the Sabbath in the New Testament
Notes on Chapter IX

Questions About Sabbathkeeping Today

Our Favorite Sabbath Recipes

Appendix I. Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus and the Sabbath Rest
The Literary Context
The Sabbath Rest
Two Sabbath Pericopes

Appendix II John 5:17: Negation or Clarification of the Sabbath
Traditional Interpretations
Analysis of Key Expressions of the Passage
Theological Interpretations of the Passage

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