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Search for Meaning in Nature: A New Look at Creation / Ritland, Richard M / (PB/1970-1970/B+/USED)



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We are living in a nuclear age when science is both feared and trusted. The layman who sees scientific "impossibilities" happening all about him can hardly help developing a faith in the theories of science. The remarkable accomplishments of science often lend credibility to even the tenuous theories taught in its name. There is a common impression that, among other things, science has dispensed with the necessity of a Creator and that intelligence is on the side of unbelief.

Large numbers are dissatisfied with their present state of opinion and confused about what they should believe. For them life often seems to have lost its meaning and purpose and in their inmost being they feel a deep and sometimes inarticulate sense of despair. It is time to reexamine certain areas of science bearing on the basic questions of existence. The question of God and His relationship to the world confronts us today as never before.


Table of Contents

1. The Pendulum Swings
2. The Problem of Knowing
3. The Origin of Life--Ancient Views
4. What is Life?
5. Is Divine Creation of Life Necessary?
6. Recent Ideas on Origin
7. The Crust of the Earth--Designed for Life?
8. Boundless Energy
9. The Record of Past Life
10. Change or Fixity
11. Have Animals and Plants Become More Complex Through the Ages?
12. Missing Links in the Chain of Life
13. Bias in the Fossil Record
14. Catastrophes and the Uniformitarian Hypothesis
15. The Recent Past: Giants-Fact and Fancy
16. Frozen Mammoths
17. Problems in Determining the Origin of Man
18. The Missing Links Between Man and Ape
19. Charles Darwin and the Distribution of Life
20. The Living World
21. A Christian View of Nature in a Changing World


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