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Sell or Donate

We purchase SDA books/tracts/letters/photos/tapes based on five areas:

  • Availability: Common books (books that are readily available) lessen the demand and its value, while scarcity will increase the value.
  • Author: Some authors, because of popularity, will automatically increase the value of a book.
  • Age: Generally, the older the book, the higher the price. However, this is just a rule of thumb because there are some older books that have no commercial value.
  • Appearance: The condition of a book will make a pronounced impact on its value. Dust jackets missing, torn pages, foxing, water damage or spots, rubbing on spine, underlining, loose bindings, etc., will lower its value.
  • Autographed/Association: Whenever an author signs their book or a book is autographed by a prominent individual, this will increase its value.

For complete information on donating or selling us your used books, please view THIS FORM Adobe PDF. Questions? Please contact us by phone at 1-800-367-1844 or email us:HERE