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Stories Worth Rereading / Compilation/(PB/1970-1970/B+/USED)



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This goldmine of inspiration was originally printed by the Review and Herald in 1913 as a premium for subscribers to the Youth's Instructor. The original preface describes the book as follows: 'The purpose of this book is to provide children and youth with stories worth reading; stories relating incidents of history, missionary effort, and home and school experience. These stories will inspire, instruct, and entertain the readers.' Stories Worth Rereading can safely be recommended to any family and is also a treasure house for pastors and others who tell children's stories. 73 stories, 320 pages age 10 - adult.


Their Word of Honor
Muriel's Bright Idea
The Strength of Clinton
The Doctor's Cow
Honey at the Phone
One of Father's Stories
What Rum Does
My Mother's Ring
The Bridal Wine-Cup
A Mother's Sorrow
The Reprimand
An Example
Fighting the Good Fight
Tightening the Saddle-Girth
"Herrings for Nothing"
The Power of Song
Jack's Fidelity
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
The Sleigh-Ride
Samuel Smiles, the Author of "Self-Help"
David Livingstone
A True Incident of the San Francisco Earthquake
Little Corners
In the Home
Giants and Grasshoppers
As Good as His Bond
Plain Bernice
How the Boy Without a Reference Found One
A Hour a Day for a Year
"Please, Sir, I Would Rather Not"
The Right Word
The Saddest of India's Pictures (1912)
One Little Widow
Why the Mite Boxes Were Full
Ti-To and the Boxers
How Nyangandi Swam to Church
The Little Printer Missionary
The Missionary's Defense
Light at Last
The Brown Towel
Only a Boy
The Little Protector
Moffat and Africaner
Two Trifles
A Second Trial
The Sin of Extravagance
A Little Child's Work
The Handy Box
The Result of Disobedience
Livingstone's Body-Guard
Spare Moments
A Gold Medal
A Girls Railway Acquaintance
Harold's Footman
Elnathan's Gold
Only a Jack-Knife
A Spelling-Bee
Jack's Queer Ways
What One Boy Did
How Nick Learned Manners
Without Ballast
Influence of a Good Book
"Straightening Out the Furrows"
A Boy Who Was Wanted
Wanted: An Employer
How to Stop Swearing
The Carols of Bethlehem Center
Standing Bear's Speech
Mabel Ashton's Dream
A Sad but True Story
"The Man That Died for Me"
Our Grass Rug and -- Other Things


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