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At TEACH Services, we count it a privilege to work with authors who are passionate about sharing their experience or knowledge about God with others through the written word. Following are just a few comments from authors who have worked with us:

Dear Tim:

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for the exceptional work done on my book. I am thrilled to see the finished work and know that the work put into its production was well thought out, and intentional, to the point of pleasing your client. Showed the book to some of Marion's church members and they were very exited about it and wanted to know about TEACH Services. A couple of people are interested in the possibility of publishing.
May God richly bless your work to the furtherance of the gospel, and to His Glory.

J. S.
July 2019

Dear Friends:

Greetings and best wishes to you all for this new working week! I just want to express my thanks to you all for all you've done to make my small devotional book a living and a bright reality. It was truly nice working with all of your staff members, and I look forward to working with you again at a future date, according to God's will. I know you'll do your best in advertising this book, and I humbly pray that it will be a rich blessing to many. Once again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! God bless!

S. M.
July 2019

You and the whole crew have been great to work with. Thank you for such great service.

L. F.
April 2019

All my evaluations of the work done by you folks were of the highest.

D. L.
December 2018

We are very pleased with the outcome. And we appreciate all the work you did for us in making it possible to publish our book. As you know this was our first attempt at writing and we certainly learned a lot. We want to thank ALL your staff for making it possible for us to actually be authors! Everyone was most helpful - from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend TEACH Services to my friends. Thank you.

D. & J. A.
December 2018

My sincere thanks to everyone at TEACH for my beautiful book! I am extremely satisfied with how it turned out and for the speed with which it was published. I will definitely recommend TEACH to anyone who wants to publish a book. On a side note, I am also very impressed that the shipment of books I ordered to be sent to South Africa from the UK only took two days to get there! Thank you for the excellent services you provide, and may God continue to bless your ministry.

A. M.
September 2018

Was a very pleasant experience for my first ever book. Thank you for all your help.

J. S.
September 2018

Great job!

D. L.
September 2018

My sincere thanks for all your help in making my book a reality.

J. Y.
September 2018

Thanks a million!!

P. K.
September 2018

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to another book which is almost finished.

L. B.
September 2018

I already have recommended TEACH to other potential authors.

J. S.
September 2018

I liked working with TEACH. The editing of content, graphics, cover and back page were all professional in my opinion.

J. K.
September 2018

Everyone was very nice and professional.

L. C.
September 2018

Thank you, TEACH Services, for doing a fantastic job and I am looking forward to having you publish my second book....

N. L.
September 2018

Good-day My Friend!
I am so excited finally seeing my work in print. It's a dream come true. I thank God for His goodness and mercy. Indeed God's providence and the part TEACH Services, Inc, and all its staff played made my dream a reality. Glory be to God!
My prayer is that God's grace and good work as manifested in this published work shall also continue with the other two remaining titles of mine.
I also pray these materials be a source of blessing in the lives of people and many souls shall be brought into God's Kingdom.

Thanks and God bless you all!
Yours faithfully"

C. O.
July 2018

I had a wonderful experience with TEACH Services during this exciting time of the publishing process.

K. H.
May 2018

I am still reviewing the "final" version of [my book]…. Even so, please permit me to make this preliminary comment: It is so much easier to read than the version I sent you, I am in shock. I could not see the final form during the first review we did. It actually seemed like a jumbled mess to me when we were working on it, but I can see it now! I just want to say "Thank you!"

Pastor C,
April 2013

You and your staff were such a pleasure to work with. As we all continue to do our part, we will always need God to do His part to touch others. Thank you! May God continue to bless you all in your ministry!

R. A.
San Gabriel, CA

October 2012

This whole thing has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm so glad for your advertisement for "writers." Otherwise, the words would still be just sitting on my table. In addition, your editor must be my soul-sister. When she took out words, inserting far better words, it's as if MY better self wrote the words. I have been near tears with some of her writing.

J. D.
Scottsbluff, NE
April 2012

I just received my latest book in the mail. This is the 3rd book that I've gotten published with you. All of the books look just fantastic. Thank you so much for everything. You've helped me in brightening this dark world with the bright beams of Christ's Righteousness. I want to give my great appreciation to the team at TEACH. I would recommend you to any author that wants to see their works forwarded. Thank you so much!

J. E. P.
November 2011

This was a great experience for me and I am quite pleased. Your meticulous work with all of the details is fantastic and much admired. Thank you again for all of your work and wonderful comments/direction for the story.

J. S.
Omaha, NE

This is to tell you that I'm overjoyed with the look and feel of the revised edition of To the Last Drop of Our Blood: A Waldensian Story. Thank you all!

A. B.
Yucaipa, CA

I just received my book today and have held it in my hand for the first time. I love it! You all have done a wonderful job! A special thanks to Mr. Newman and Mrs. Kelch, as I have dealt mostly with them in this grand project. Blessings to you all! And thanks again!

J. P.
Amity, AR

(We) want to thank you for the professional services you have provided....I just wanted you to know I love the look and feel of the book and that it has been top quality paper as well as the cover of the paperback book. I hope this will not be the last time we'll be working together and that this email finds you blessed and with God's grace. Until we conduct business again. Maranatha!

D. A.
Lincoln, CA

I received the 25 copies of my book by USPS Priority Mail...They look great. The size is good, the "perfect binding" technique used looks neat, and the book fits well inside a standard 6" by 9" clasp envelope. I read the book completely through, and it is exactly right...Everything on your end was done perfectly.Thanks for the excellent service you provide.

R. L.
Troy, Michigan

We have been pleased with the quality of your work, and since the books arrived just 13 days ago, we have shipped books to 18 states, besides selling them to people locally. Many of our good friends and church family have purchased them already for Christmas.

I'm enclosing a flyer we mailed to people we know and have worked with, and the response has been even greater and faster than with our first book. I know nothing about marketing, but we're trying it this way, and it seems to be working.

I just want you and your staff to know that I appreciate all the work you did to make this book what it is. We have received numerous compliments on the quality of your work, and we tell them about your press.

L. H.
Glendora, California

Thank you very much for selling so many of our cookbooks for our school. It was a tremendous blessing to have them marketing by business. In hope God's continued blessing for your business.

J. M.

Thank you so very, very much for taking a chance on me and doing such a wonderful job on the publication of The Complete Wo/Man: An Index to the Heart. I am so overjoyed with the finished product. Thank you! Thank you!

M. A.

Thank you for the beautiful books I received! They are well-done. All of you did a great job.
One of the main themes of From a Nobody to the Daughter of the King is: God makes all things beautiful in His time! I'm so thankful for the nice publishing right on time - His time!

J. H.

It has truly been a pleasure working with you and the TEACH Services, Inc., a very professional publishing organization. May God's blessing ever be with you.

R. S. M.

Thank you for keeping super good, timely books available at reasonable prices!! (which makes it easier to share books).

J. J.
Bourbon, Missouri
December 2, 2012