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Testimonies for the Church (Set of 9) / White, Ellen G / (HB/1948-1948/New/USED)



*Condition Note: Set is new and in wrapper.*


These volumes of counsel from the Spirit of Prophecy contain spiritual comment of a general nature, along with many letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during her time. The nine volume-set of counsels from the Spirit of Prophecy contain spiritual commentary of a general nature, along with many letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during Ellen White’s time. This staple of Adventist literature is being reintroduced in a beautiful new hardcover binding. The attractive forest green color and tasteful cover art will encourage the reader to revisit the wisdom found inside, and the handsome new set will dress up any home library.


Table of Contents

Volume 1:

The Background of Volume One

1. My Childhood
2. My Conversion
3. Feelings of Despair
4. Leaving the Methodist Church
5. Opposition of Formal Brethren
6. Advent Experience
7. My First Vision
8. Call to Travel
9. Vision of the New Earth
10. Withholding Reproof
11. Marriage and Subsequent Labors
12. Publishing and Traveling
13. Removal to Michigan
14. The Death of My Husband

TESTIMONY 1 (1855)
Thy Brother's Keeper
Time to Begin the Sabbath
Opposers of the Truth
Parental Responsibility
Faith in God
The Messenger Party
Prepare to Meet the Lord

TESTIMONY 2 (1856)
The Two Ways
Conformity to the World
Wives of Ministers

TESTIMONY 3 (1857)
Be Zealous and Repent
The East and the West

TESTIMONY 4 (1857)
Young Sabbathkeepers
Church Trials
"Take Heed"
The Rich Young Man
The Privilege and Duty of the Church
The Shaking

TESTIMONY 5 (1859)
The Laodicean Church
Houses of Worship
Lessons From the Parables
Surety for Unbelievers
Oath Taking
Errors in Diet

TESTIMONY 6 (1861)
Slackness Reproved
Duty to Children
Systematic Benevolence
Our Denominational Name
The Poor
A Dishonest Steward
Fanaticism in Wisconsin
Concealing Reproofs
The Cause in Ohio
Entire Consecration
Personal Experience
The Cause in the West
A Question Answered

TESTIMONY 7 (1862)
The North and the South
Great Distress Coming
Slavery and the War
Perilous Times
Duty to the Poor
Power of Example
Philosophy of Vain Deceit

TESTIMONY 8 (1862)
Family Religion
Jealousy and Faultfinding
Unity of Faith
Northern Wisconsin
The Power of Satan
The Two Crowns
The Future

TESTIMONY 9 (1863)
The Rebellion
Dangers and Duty of Ministers
Wrong Use of the Visions
Parents and Children
Labor in the East

TESTIMONY 10 (1864)
Dangers of the Young
Walk in the Light
The Cause in the East
The Prayer of David
Extremes in Dress
Communications to Elder Hull
Unconsecrated Ministers
The Minister's Wife
Patent Rights

TESTIMONY 11 (1867)
Reform in Dress
Our Ministers
The Health Reform

TESTIMONY 12 (1867)
Address to the Young
Recreation for Christians
The Reform Dress
Surmisings About Battle Creek
Shifting Responsibilities
Proper Observance of the Sabbath
Political Sentiments
Deceitfulness of Riches
Obedience to the Truth
Life Insurance
Circulate the Publications
The Health Reformer
The Health Institute
Health and Religion
Work and Amusements

TESTIMONY 13 (1867)
Sketch of Experience
Laborers in the Office
Conflicts and Victory
Response From the Battle Creek Church
"Cutting and Slashing"
Danger of Self-Confidence
Be Not Deceived

TESTIMONY 14 (1868)
Publishing Personal Testimonies
The Health Institute
Sketch of Experience
Ministers, Order, and Organization
Further Labors
The Case of Hannah More
Healthful Cookery
Books and Tracts
The Christian's Watchword
Sympathy at Home
The Husband's Position
Dates of First Publication
Scriptural Index
General Index

 Volume 2:

 The Times of Volume Two

TESTIMONY 15 (1868)
Sketch of Experience
Doing for Christ
Selling the Birthright
Selfishness and World Loving
Flesh Meats and Stimulants
Neglect of Health Reform
Love for the Erring
Everyday Religion
Reform at Home
A Violated Conscience
Warnings and Reproofs

TESTIMONY 16 (1868)
Object of Personal Testimonies
Moving to Battle Creek
Caution to Ministers
Look to Jesus
Separation from the World
True Love
Amusements at the Institute
Neglect of Hannah More
Prayers for the Sick
Courage in the Minister
Closeness in Deal
Oppressing the Hireling
Combativeness Reproved
Burden Bearers in the Church
Pride in the Young
Worldliness in the Church

TESTIMONY 17 (1869)
The Sufferings of Christ
Warnings to the Church
Contemplating Marriage
Danger of Riches
Christian Zeal
Responsibilities of the Young
Servants of Mammon
Sentimentalism and Matchmaking
Severity in Family Government
A Birthday Letter
Deceitfulness of Riches
Self-Deceived Youth
True Conversion
Duties of the Husband and the Wife
   Danger of Confiding Family Troubles
Letter to an Orphan Boy
The Unruly Member
Comfort in Affliction
A Self-Caring, Dictatorial Spirit
A Forgetful Hearer
Remedy for Sentimentalism
Duty to Orphans
Appeal to Ministers
Moral Pollution

TESTIMONY 18 (1870)
Christian Temperance
Extremes in Health Reform
Sensuality in the Young
True Love at Home
   Conducting Social Meetings
Importance of Self-Government
Industry and Economy
Stirring Up Opposition
An Appeal to the Church
A Cross in Accepting the Truth

TESTIMONY 19 (1870)
Address to Ministers
Exercise and Air
Selfishness Rebuked
Fanaticism and Ignorance
An Indulged Daughter
To a Minister's Wife
Unfaithfulness in Stewardship
Mistaken Sensitiveness

TESTIMONY 20 (1871)
Social Meetings
How Shall We Keep the Sabbath?
Christian Recreation
An Impressive Dream
Our Camp Meetings
A Solemn Dream
Manners and Dress of Ministers
Love of Gain
The Cause in Vermont
Transferring Earthly Treasure
No Probation After Christ Comes
Accountability for Light Received
Dates of First Publication
Scriptural Index
General Index

 Volume 3:

The Times of Volume Three

TESTIMONY 21 (1872)
An Appeal for Burden Bearers
Unsanctified Ability
Unbalanced Minds
   Opposing Adventists
Intimate Friendship With Worldings
The Cause in New York
   Relatives in the Church
   Laborers for God
Experience Not Reliable
Faithfulness in Home Duties
Pride and Vain Thoughts
The Work at Battle Creek
   Peculiar Trials
Parables of the Lost
   The Lost Sheep
   The Lost Silver
   The Prodigal Son
Labor Among the Churches
   The Gospel Sower
   The Wheat and Tares
To Wealthy Parents

TESTIMONY 22 (1872)
Proper Education
   Close Confinement at School
   Physical Decline of the Race
   Importance of Home Training
   Physical Labor for Students
The Health Reform
The Health Institute
Danger of Applause
Labor for the Erring
The Sabbath School
Laborers in the Office
Love and Duty
The Battle Creek Church
Missionary Work
Effect of Discussions
Dangers and Duties of Youth
Self-Caring Ministers
Inordinate Love of Gain

TESTIMONY 23 (1873)
The Laodicean Church
   Pointed Testimonies in the Church
   Fighting the Spirit of God
   Ahab's Case a Warning
   Achan's Sin and Punishment
   Duty to Reprove Sin
   Covetousness Among God's People
   Confessions Made Too Late
   Elijah Reproves Ahab
   The Sacrifice on Mount Carmel
   Elijah's Humility
   Elijah in Despondency
Moses and Aaron
To a Young Minister and His Wife
   Pioneers in the Cause

TESTIMONY 24 (1875)
The Great Rebellion
   Base Idolatry
   The Tables of the Law Broken
   The People Murmur
   Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
   Flattery and False Sympathy
   Character Tested
   The Rebels Perish
   The Rebellion Not Cured
   A Lesson for Our Time
   Slighted Mercy
   Despisers of Reproof
Appeal to the Young
   Faithful Abraham
   Humiliation of Christ
Tithes and Offerings
Systematic Benevolence
Individual Independence
   Discussions to Be Avoided
   The Authority of the Church
Unity in the Church
   Self-Confidence a Snare
True Refinement in the Ministry

TESTIMONY 25 (1875)
Importance of the Work
The State of the World
The State of the Church
Love of the World
Power of Appetite
Calls for Means
Duty to the Unfortunate
Man's Duty to His Fellow Men
   Love and Sympathy at Home
   Family Exclusiveness
The Sin of Covetousness
Industry in the Ministry
Parents as Reformers
"Cannot Come Down"
Dates of First Publication
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 4:

 The Times of Volume Four

TESTIMONY 26 (1876)
Bible Biographies
Unity of the Church
Go Forward
Indulgence of Appetite
   The Christian Warfare
Choosing Earthly Treasure
True Benevolence
Co-workers With Christ
   Sensational Revivals
   Withholding Means
The Testing Process
Labor Conducive to Health
   Self-Conceit and Selfishness
Influence of Social Surroundings
A Divided Interest
Missionaries in the Home

TESTIMONY 27 (1876)
Willing Obedience
The Twelve Spies
The Taking of Jericho
Jeremiah Reproves Israel
   A Lesson From the Rechabites
   The Warnings of God Rejected
Faithful Reproofs Necessary
   Necessity of Family Discipline
   Criticizing Burden Bearers
   Evils of Lax Discipline
Entire Consecration
Necessity of Harmony
Opposition to Faithful Warnings
   Obstinacy Not Independence
   Religion in the Family
   Duty of Self-Control
Sacredness of God's Commandments
Selfishness in the Church and in the Family
Appeal to Ministers

TESTIMONY 28 (1879)
Experience and Labors
   Temperance Meetings
   Visit to Indiana
   Effects of Overwork
   Camp Meetings
   Labors in California
   Visit to Oregon
   Eastward Bound
   Eastern Meetings
   At Battle Creek
   Kansas Camp Meetings
   Visit to Texas
Preparation for Christ's Coming
Address to Ministers
Sympathy for the Erring
The Cause in Texas
Self-Caring Ministers
Uprightness in Deal
Religion in the Daily Life
Consecration in Ministers

TESTIMONY 29 (1880)
The Judgment
Our Publications
Christ's Ambassadors
   Manner of Speaking
   Qualifications for the Ministry
Ministers of the Gospel
Our College
   Duty of Parents to the College
The Cause in Iowa
   College Students
   Young Ministers
Our Publishing Houses
Sacredness of Vows
Wills and Legacies
The Relation of Church Membership
Dishonesty in the Church
Importance of Self-Control
Unscriptural Marriages
The Lord's Poor
The Cause at Battle Creek
Improvement of Talents

TESTIMONY 30 (1881)
The Servants of God
Warnings and Admonitions
Moral and Intellectual Culture
Duty to the Poor
Health and Religion
Faithful Workers
Christian Influence
Economy and Self-Denial
Position and Work of the Sanitarium
The Influence of Associates
The Tract Societies
Love of the World
Simplicity in Dress
Proper Education
Accountability to God
Dates of First Publication
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 5:

 The Times of Volume Five

TESTIMONY 31 (1882) 
Camp Meeting Address
   Responsibility of Ministers
Our College
   The Bible as a Textbook
   Object of the College
   Teachers in the College
Parental Training
Important Testimony
The Testimonies Slighted
Workers in Our College
Jealousy and Faultfinding Condemned
The Day of the Lord at Hand
Unwise Marriages
Warnings and Reproofs
   Dangers of the Young
Laborers for God
Agents of Satan
Will a Man Rob God?
Power of the Truth
Our Camp Meetings
Brotherly Love
Diligence in Business
Moving to Battle Creek
Worldliness in the Church
Shall We Consult Spiritualist Physicians?
Looking Unto Jesus
Calls for Laborers
The Seal of God
An Appeal
Christian Unity

TESTIMONY 32 (1885)
The Work of the Gospel Minister
   Ministers as Educators
   Duty to Reprove Money Lovers
Christian Growth
   Tithes and Offerings
Faithfulness in the Work of God
   Vowing and Not Paying
Influence of Unbelief
Deceitfulness of Sin
Criticizing Ministers
Fidelity and Perseverance Needed
Sinfulness of Repining
"Praise Ye the Lord!"
Parental Responsibility
The Training of Children
Christian Forbearance
Worldly Ambition
Love Among Brethren
Redeeming the Time
The Manufacture of Wine and Cider
Marriage With Unbelievers
The Support of City Missions
The True Missionary Spirit
Young Men as Missionaries
Importance of the Canvassing Work
The Publishing Work
   Importance of Economy
   Unity of the Work
Business and Religion
Worldly-Mindedness a Snare
Responsibilities of the Physician
The Coming Crisis
The Church the Light of the World
Joshua and the Angel

TESTIMONY 33 (1889)
Unity and Love in the Church
   Guarding the Interests of Brethren
Behavior in the House of God
Religion and Scientific Education
The Education of Our Children
Dangers of the Young
   The Exercise of the Will
Suitable Reading for Children
Advice to the Young
   Examples of Heroic Fidelity to God
   An Educated Ministry
Practical Godliness
"Your Reasonable Service"
Worldly Influences
Needs of Our Institutions
Our Institutions at Battle Creek
   The College
   Qualifications of Managers
Board Meetings
   Worldly Policy
   Royalties on Books
Christian Influence in the Home and the Church
An Impressive Dream
Daily Study of the Bible Necessary
Education of Workers
Unholy Ambition
"The Appearance of Evil"
Love for the Erring
Church Duties
   Treatment of the Erring
   Selection of Leaders
A Letter
God's Love for Sinners
Acceptable Confession
Erroneous Ideas of Confession
God's Presence a Reality
   The Presence of Christ in the Schoolroom
The Nature and Influence of the Testimonies
   Personal Testimonies
   Object of the Testimonies
   Not to Take the Place of the Bible
   Wrong Use of the Testimonies
   To Be Judged by Their Fruits
   Doubting the Testimonies
   Duty to Give Reproof
   Rejection of Reproof
   Neglect of the Testimonies
   How to Receive Reproof
   An Unwarranted Distinction
Unfounded Reports
A Miracle Counterfeited
The Mysteries of the Bible a Proof of Its Inspiration
The Impending Conflict
The American Sentinel and Its Mission
Workers in the Cause
The Inestimable Gift
The Character of God Revealed in Christ
The Word Made Flesh
God's Care for His Work
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 6:

 The Times of Volume Six

SECTION ONE--The Outlook
God's Purpose in the Church
The Work for This Time
Extension of the Work in Foreign Fields

SECTION TWO--Evangelistic Work
The Camp Meeting
   Reaching the Masses
   An Object Lesson
   Securing Attendance
   Attendance of Church Members
   Preparation of Heart
   Business Matters
   Ministerial Help
   All to Be Workers
   Prayer and Counsel
   Needs of the Church
   How to Present the Message
   The Last Warning
   Praise Meetings
   Revival Efforts
   Personal Labor
   Bible Studies
   A Word in Season
   Raising Funds
   Results of Camp Meeting Work
After the Camp Meeting
   The Work of the Evangelist
   In the Highways and Hedges
   Caring for Our Own Poor
   Church Officers and Workers
Less Preaching, More Teaching
Ministerial Institutes
   Meaning of the Ordinance
   Preparation for Baptism
   Examination of Candidates
   Administration of the Ordinance
   After Baptism
The Building of Meetinghouses
Children's Meetings and Church Schools
The Temperance Work
Object Lessons in Health Reform
Women to Be Gospel Workers
Teaching Home Religion
Meeting Opposition
Parable of the Straying Sheep

The Need of Educational Reform
   The Third Angel's Message in Our Schools
   Bible Study
   The Training of Workers
   Missionary Teachers
   Elements of Success
Hindrances to Reform
   To Teachers and Managers
Character and Work of Teachers
   Deficiencies of Teachers
   The Teacher's Work
   A Personal Appeal
Words From a Heavenly Instructor
School Homes
   Domestic Duties
   Christian Sociability and Courtesy
   Religious Exercises
Industrial Reform
The Avondale School Farm
   The Work Before Us
   The Land to Be Reserved
   A Panorama
   God and Nature
   An Object Lesson
   Missionary Labor the Highest Training
Church Schools
   The Work of Church Schools
   Separation From the World
   The Children Neglected
   Church Schools Needed
   The Character of Church Schools and of Their Teachers
   Results of Church School Work
School Management and Finance
   Freedom From Debt
   Good Management
   Low Tuitions
   Assisting Worthy Students
   Teaching Self-Reliance
   Duty of Our Conferences
   Inspection by General Conference Auditor
   The Church Schools

SECTION FOUR--Medical Missionary Work
God's Design in Our Sanitariums
The Physician's Work for Souls
Unity in Our Work
Responsibilities of Medical Workers
   Conformity to the World
The World's Need
The Church's Need
   The Message of Isaiah Fifty-Eight
Our Duty to the Household of Faith
   New Sabbathkeepers
   The Poor, the Sick, and the Aged
Our Duty to the World
The Care of Orphans
   A Christlike Work
   Ministers' Wives Adopting Orphans
   Orphans' Homes
The Medical Missionary Work and the Third Angel's Message
   Medical Missionary Workers
   "Press Together"
Neglect by the Church and the Ministry
   Opportunities Slighted
   Results of Neglect
   Need of Repentance
   Neglect by the Ministry
The Reward of Service

SECTION FIVE--Canvassing
Importance of the Work
Qualifications of the Canvasser
The Canvasser a Gospel Worker
United Effort in Canvassing
Revival of the Canvassing Work

SECTION SIX--Cautions and Counsels
Showing Hospitality
The Observance of the Sabbath
   Reform in Sabbath Observance
   Preparation for the Sabbath
   The Sabbath in the Home
   Traveling on the Sabbath
   Sabbath Meetings
A Revival in Health Reform
   Obedience to Physical Law
   The Church and Health Reform
   Extremes in Diet
   True Temperance
   Ministers to Teach Health Reform
The Importance of Voice Culture
Giving to God His Own
   The First Fruits
   Remember the Poor
   All Things Belong to God
   Another Opportunity
   Without Excuse
   The Blessing
   The Complainers
   "They That Feared the Lord"
Christ in All the Bible
Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities
   Love Among Brethren
   Present Truth With Gentleness
God's Word to Be Supreme
Preparation for the Final Crisis

SECTION SEVEN--Calls to Service
Young Men in the Ministry
The Church and the Ministry
The Home Missionary Work
   A Warning From the Church of Ephesus
   The Result of Inaction
   Winning Souls the Chief Aim
   Begin With Those Nearest
   The Example of Philip With Nathanael
   The Family a Missionary Field
   Instruct the Church in Missionary Work
   Set the Church Members to Work
   The Uneducated to Be Workers
   Arouse the Idlers
   The Youth to Be Missionaries
   Let the Churches Awake
The Increase of Facilities
Help for Mission Fields
The Publishing House in Norway
Our Danish Sanitarium
The Relief of Our Schools
   An Example of Liberality
   The Lord's Plan
   All to Co-operate
   Preparation for the Work
   The Work in All Lands
   Results of the Work
   Be Not Weary in Well-Doing
The Claim of Redemption
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 7:

The Times of Volume Seven

Section One --Acceptable Service
The Work of Soulsaving
The Signal of Advance
   An Ever-Widening Work
Work for Church Members
   The Waste Places of the Earth
   Self-Supporting Missionaries
Workers From the Ranks
Extending the Triumphs of the Cross
   The Work of the Church
   The Holy Spirit Our Efficiency
   Power Given the Apostles
   The Same Power to Be Revealed Today
The Work in the Cities
The Work in Greater New York
Delay No Longer
Family Worship
Responsibilities of Married Life

Section Two --Our Sanitarium Work
Extent of the Work
   New York City
   The Southern States
   In All Lands
The Knowledge of Health Principles
The High Calling of Our Sanitarium Workers
A Message to Our Physicians 
The Value of Outdoor Life
Out of the Cities
In the Country
Not Among the Wealthy
Consideration in Buildings
Not for Pleasure Seekers
The Sign of Our Order

Section Three --Health Foods
Medical Missionary Work in the Cities
The Restaurant Work
   Care of the Helpers
   Closing Our Restaurants on the Sabbath
Healthful Foods
Manufacture of Health Foods
   To Our Brethren in All Lands
   An Evil Work
Educate the People

Section Four --The Publishing Work
God's Purpose in Our Publishing Houses
   Witnesses for the Truth
   A Demonstration of Christian Principles
   Missionary Agencies
   Training Schools for Workers
   God's Purpose Fulfilled
Our Denominational Literature
   The Object of Our Publications
   Personal Experience Needed by Workers
   Matter for Publication
   Items of Experience
   The Message for This Time
   Publication of Books
Commercial Work
   Opportunities in Commercial Work
   Not to Stand First
   Demoralizing Literature
Publishing Houses in Mission Fields
Relation of Publishing Houses to One Another
The Canvasser
The Author
The Church and the Publishing House
   Duty of the Church to the Publishing House
   Duty of the Publishing House to the Church
Sacredness of God's Instrumentalities
Dependence on God
Self-Control and Fidelity
Danger From Improper Reading
Avoid Debt
Faith and Courage

Section Five --In the Southern Field
Needs of the Southern Field
   An Appeal for the Colored Race
   A Call From the Colored Race
   A Gospel for the Poor
   What Can Be Done?
Centers of Influence
   Nashville as a Center
Instruction to Workers
Be of Good Courage

Section Six --Counsel to Burden Bearers
Ministers and Business Matters
   Educate Men in Business Lines
   Right Principles Essential
Take Time to Talk With God
The Work of the Ministry
Committee Meetings
   The Relation of Diet to Board Meetings
Church Discipline
"Consider One Another"
To the Teachers in Our Schools
   Aggressive Effort
   Christ's Greeting to the World
   The Outlook
   Power From on High
Consideration for Those Struggling With Difficulties
   Unwise Changes
   A Call to Service
A Wise Distribution of Means
Our Aged Pioneer Workers
Care for Workers
   Workers Neglected
   Providing Homes for Workers
   Out Sanitariums a Refuge for Workers
   A Worker's Fund
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 8:

The Times of Volume Eight

SECTION ONE--Present Opportunities
Our Work
The Commission
   An Unchanging Promise
The Power Promised
Our Responsibility
The Work at Home and Abroad
The Work in Europe
A View of the Conflict

SECTION TWO--Counsels Often Repeated
Warnings and Counsels Given to the Battle Creek Church
   The Time of the End
   Help in Time of Trouble
   A Failure to Honor God
Our Duty to the World
   How to Gain Success
Missionary Work at Home and Abroad
   An Illustration of the Work We Are to Do
   A Neglected Work
The Holy Spirit in Our Schools
   The Will of God Concerning Us
   Working Against the Holy Spirit
   A Departure From Right
Look to God for Help
   Medical Missionary Work
   A Word of Caution
An Appeal to the Brethren in Battle Creek
A Neglected Warning
The Result of Reformation
A Solemn Warning
The Review and Herald Fire
What Might Have Been
   A Hymn of the Promised Land
   A Hymn of the Captivity
   Song of the Redeemed
   "Call to Remembrance the Former Days"
   "Written for Our Admonition"
   The Message for This Time
   The Opposition of the Enemy
   The Loud Cry
   "And Hast Forgotten"
   "Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"
   The Shield of Omnipotence
   Jehovah Reigneth

SECTION THREE--Letters to Physicians
The Value of Trial
   Paul's Experience
   Resting in God's Love
   The Danger of Self-Sufficiency
   Our Burden Bearer
   Looking Away From Men
   An Eternal Weight of Glory
Centering Too Much in Battle Creek
   Unselfishness in Service
   Helping Those Who Need Help
   What One Institution Can Do for Another
   A Reformation Needed
   The Living Principle of Brotherhood
   The Only Safe Course
   The Danger From Enlargement
   The Question of Wages
Go Forth Into Many Places
   The Need of Broader Plans
   Build Up New Centers
   A Failure to Appreciate God-Given Responsibilities
God's Purpose for His Institutions
   God's Purpose for the Sanitariumm
   The Value of a Study of God's Word
God's Purpose in Medical Missionary Work
   Educate Medical Missionaries
   Our Work for Today
   No Change in God's Cause
   Words of Caution
A Word of Caution
   A Danger to Be Guarded Against
   A High Standard
   Teaching and Healing
Uphold the Medical Work
   The Need of Caution
   The Importance of Medical Missionary Work
   The Cause of Dearth in the Church
   To Every Man His Work
Unity of Effort
   God's Building
   A Temple of Living Stones
   Different Instrumentalities
   Truth a Unit
   Words of Cheer
Christ the Medium of Prayer and Blessing
Words of Encouragement
   God's Purpose in Establishing the Sanitarium
   A World-Wide Work
   A Word of Caution
   Helping or Hindering the Lord
   God's Purpose for His Workers
   The Need of Wise Counselors
   A Divine Helper
   Burdens That the Lord Has Not Given
The Value of the Word of God
   The Reward of a Faithful Study of the Word
The Work for This Time
   Our Message
   The Sign of Our Relationship to God
A Broader View
   Christ's Victory Over Unbelief
   A Warning Against Centralization
   A Neglected Field Near Us
Christ Our Example
   A Firm Stand for the Right

Lessons From the Past
   An Educational Center
How Shall Our Youth Be Trained?
   Words of Warning
   No Time for Delay
   A Division of Responsibility
   Early Experiences
   God Our Leader
One With Christ in God
Lay Members to Go Forth
Shall We Be Found Wanting?
   God's Purpose for His People
   "Repent, and Do the First Works"
   A Failure to Honor God
   A Call for Reformation
Homeward Bound

SECTION FIVE--The Essential Knowledge
God in Nature
   Results of Sin
   A Divine Teacher
   Nature Testifies of God
   Man's Failure to Interpret Nature
   The Work of Creation
   Laws of Nature
   Mysteries of Divine Power
A Personal God
   Nature Is Not God
   A Personal God Created Man
   God Revealed in Christ
   Christ's Revelation of God to the Disciples
   Testimony of Scripture
   "The Everlasting God"
   His Loving-Kindness
   His Providential Care
   His Long-Suffering Mercy
A False and a True Knowledge of God
   Speculative Theories
   The Greatness of Our God
   Warnings Against Presumption
   Christ's Revelation of God
   The Glory of the Cross
   The Knowledge That Works Transformation
Danger in Speculative Knowledge
   Last-Day Deceptions
   Pantheistic Theories
   Fanaticisim After 1844
   Past Experiences to Be Repeated
   Beware of a Sensational Religion
   A Warning Against False Teaching
   Diverting Minds From Present Duty
   A Renewal of the Straight Testimony
   Seek the First Love
   The Word of God Our Safeguard
   Study the Revelation
   To the Church in Sardis
   Message to the Philadelphia Church
   The Laodicean Message
The False and the True in Education
   Philosophical Speculation
   Infidel Authors
   Historical and Theological Lore
   Myths and Fairy Tales
   A Purer Fountain
   Heart Education
Importance of Seeking True Knowledge
   The Work That Requires Our Thought
   The Science to Be Mastered
   No Time to Lose
   The Need for Self-Renunciation
   The Highest Interests Demand Attention
   A Personal Knowledge of Christ
The Knowledge Received Through God's Word
   To Be Given to Our Children
   An Experimental Knowledge
   Wonderful Possibilities
   Results of Receiving God's Word
   An Aid in the Study of Nature
   Nature a Key to Divine Mysteries
   A Lesson of Obedience
   Education in the Life to Come
Our Great Need
   The Experience of Enoch
   Experience of John the Baptist
   God's Promises
Scriptural Index
General Index

Volume 9:

The Times of Volume Nine

SECTION ONE --For the Coming of the King
The Last Crisis
Called to Be Witnesses
   A Holy Life
   Christ's Representatives
   Steadfast Adherence to the Truth
   A World-Wide Message
   The Kind of Workers Needed
   An Impressive Scene
Home Missionary Work
   Our Example
   The Result of Wholehearted Effort
   Different Lines of Service
   Circulating Our Publications
   House-to-House Work
   Work for Women
   The Home a Mission Field
   A Place for Everyone
   The Result of Failing to Work
   An Appeal for Untiring Effort
   Missionary Families
   Development Through Service
The Need of Earnest Effort
   A Lack of Sympathy
"Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give"
   God's Benevolence
   The World's Need of Help
   Our Selfishness a Hindrance of God's Work
   God's Almoners

SECTION TWO --Literature in Service
Our Publications
Circulate the Publications
   An Encouraging Experience
   Dangers in Speculative Study
   Dignity of the Book Work
   Unity in Progress
   Our Relief Books
   Lift the Debts
   Another View of the Book Work
   A Caution
   A Parable for Our Study
   Light for All
   A Lesson in Commercialism
A Broader View
Camp Meeting and Our Publications

SECTION THREE --The Work in the Cities
Conditions in the Cities
    The Judgments of God on Our Cities
A Present-Day Work
   In the Cities of the East
   Liberality in Missionary Effort
   A Motive for Service
   Get Ready
Methods of Labor
   The Need of House-to-House Work
   The City Mission a Training School
   Teaching the Principles of Health Reform
   The Wealthy Classes Not to Be Passed By
   Plans for Enlarging Our Entering Forces
   Development of Talent in the Churches
   Joyous Service
   Personal Effort in Connection With Camp Meetings
   Tourist Centers and Centers of Commerce
   With Unflagging Zeal
An Appeal to Laymen
   A Reformatory Movement
   Laboring While Probation Lingers
   The Importance of Personal Labor
   Cherishing a Spirit of Self-Denial
   Conditions of Acceptable Service
Words of Counsel to Ministers
   In Courage and Simplicity
   Formality in Worship
   Unity in Diversity
   In the Meekness of Christ
   Meeting Opposition
   The Need of Earnest, Whole-Souled Labor

SECTION FOUR --The Health Work
Faithfulness in Health Reform
   Personal Responsibility
   Strength Through Obedience
   Flesh Foods
   "To the Glory of God"
   Teaching Health Principles
   Extremes in Diet
   Diet in Different Countries
   A Word to the Wavering
   Conditions of Answered Prayer
   Self-Surrender and Rest
A Plea for Medical Missionary Evangelists
   Sanitariums as Missionary Agencies
   The Training of Workers
   Nurses as Evangelists
The Loma Linda College of Evangelists

SECTION FIVE --The Spirit of Unity
Unity Among Different Nationalities
Unity in Christ Jesus
   A Life of Grace and Peace
The Publishing Work at College View
   Christ's Relation to Nationality
   A Sure Foundation
German and Scandinavian Conferences
   An Example of Brotherly Kindness

SECTION SIX --Among the Colored People
A Call for Colored Laborers
   "Laborers Together With God"
Proclaiming the Truth Where There Is Race Antagonism
   "In All Wisdom and Prudence"
    The Sabbath
The Color Line
   A Lesson From Christ's Labors
   A Time of Preparation
   The Warfare Before Us
Consideration for Colored Laborers
The Needs of a Mission Field

SECTION SEVEN --The Religious Liberty Work
A Time of Trial Before Us
Sunday Labor
Words of Caution

SECTION EIGHT --Timely Counsels
Faithful Stewardship
   The Support of the Gospel
   The Use of the Tithe
   A Solemn Obligation
   The Glory of the Gospel
   The Blessings of Stewardship
   Meeting Around the Cross
The Spirit of Independence
   Unity in Diversity
   The General Conference
A Distribution of Responsibility
   A Warning
In Humility and Faith
   Wise Counselors 
   Go Forward
   The Example of Christ
To the Workers in Southern California
"I Am But a Little Child"
   "Followers of God, as Dear Children"
The Reward of Earnest Effort
Scriptural Index
General Index


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