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Wild N Wacky / Montgomery, Ray N / (PB/2001-2001/B+/USED)



*Condition Note: Book is like new.*


What mammal can literally walk on water? What animal with no hands can pick up a pin, uncork a bottle, untie a slipknot, unbolt a gate, throw and catch a baseball, ring a bell, sweep with a broom, or throw a lion 20 feet? What natural substance now used to clean floors was once used as medicine? How old are the world's oldest trees? What creature likes to hold hands, embrace, kiss, shake hands, and pat friends on the back? Did I mention it can also herd sheep? What life form can hibernate for 40 years? What natural force can turn a house around 180 degrees and set it back down snugly on its foundation or open a woman's handbag, remove the contents, replace them with dirt, and snap the purse shut? Amazing doesn't begin to describe it. When God made the world, He indulged in some holy mischief. Ray Montgomery helps us marvel at His handiwork. You'll learn how animals sacrifice themselves for others and even keep the Ten Commandments. You'll meet Koko the gorilla, who admitted (in sign language) that he was stubborn. You'll discover a time when the high-technology frontier in warfare was elephants. You'll meet a collie who kept a daily vigil for six years by the train station waiting for her dead master to return. And for all these wonders you'll thank the One who made the sea to dance, the wind to sing, and your heart to praise His name.


CONTENTS; Big and Little Beasties; In the Doghouse; Bad Weather; Welcome to Dismal Swamp; Buried Alive in Montana and Other Wild Tales; Pistils 'n' Thieves


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