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You Ask, God Answers / Gane, Erwin R



This important book addresses the following questions that have dogged the church's unity for centuries. Does the Bible support the popular view of the immortality of the soul and immediate life after death? With the numerous reported appearances of the Virgin Mary, this question should be taken very seriously. These appearances are either real or they are not, in which case, they pose a grave danger to Christians and need to be understood in a different light. The question whether God predetermined our salvation by decreeing that certain ones would be saved and others lost has been discussed for centuries and remains a lively topic among Christians. Related to the salvation question is the issue of God's holy law and the Christian Sabbath. Why are there such deep differences among Christians on these topics, which are discussed so comprehensively in the Bible? Are traditional practices valued above Bible teaching? What does the Bible teach on the subject? The author provides conclusive answers from God's Word.

Following are questions that the book answers:

  • Do Mary and the Saints Hear and Answer Our Prayers?
  • Does the Bible Teach the Immortality of the Soul?
  • Does the Bible Teach Trinitarianism?
  • Is there a Correct View of Salvation?
  • What Does Sanctification Have to Do with Salvation?
  • Did God Predetermine Our Salvation?
  • Are the Ten Commandments Still the Law for Christians?
  • What Does Sabbath Observance Have to Do with Salvation?
  • Whose Idea Was Sunday Observance?
  • How, When, and Why Does God Judge His people?
  • Is Israel Still God's Chosen Nation?
  • Will the Rapture Be Secret or Public?

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