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Your Bible and You / Maxwell, Arthur S / (HB/1950-1950/B+/USED)



*Condition Note: Very clean and in good condition, except several pages are starting to separate from binding and have been reattached with book tape.*


Your Bible and You has been designed as a friendly volume, warm with the love of God. It is not intended to be a profound theological treatise, weighed down with a multitude of quotations from ecclesiastical authorities. On the contrary, it is a simple setting forth of what the Bible has to say on certain vital subjects. It is not a series of arguments, but rather a fireside chat. It does not criticize or condemn anything or anybody, but seeks--very gently--to release the flood tide of divine wisdom and love forever pent up within the sacred pages of this Book of books.


Table of Contents

Part I--Your Bible and Today
1. The Book for the Hour
2. Buried Treasure
3. What Is the Bible?
4. Which Version Is Best?
5. Evidences of Inspiration
6. What the Bible Can Do for You
7. How to Read Your Bible

Part II--Your Bible and Your God
8. The God Your Bible Reveals
9. Wonderful Creator
10. Supreme Lawgiver
11. Eternal Lover
12. Glorious Saviour
13. Everlasting Friend

Part III--Your Bible and Your Life
14. You May Have Peace
15. You May Have Power
16. You May Be a New Person
17. You May Have Anything
18. You May Open the Windows of Heaven
19. You May Live Victoriously
20. You May Walk With God

Part IV--Your Bible and Your Home
21. Marriage Can Be Happy
22. Home Can Be Beautiful
23. Seven Secrets of Child Training
24. The Road to Radiant Youth

Part V--Your Bible and Your Health
25. The More Abundant Life
26. Wise Eating
27. Unwise Drinking
28. What About Smoking?
29. Divine Healing

Part VI--Your Bible and Your Problems
30. Why Some Prayers Are Not Answered
31. Why So Much Suffering?
32. Shall We Meet Our Loved Ones Again?
33. Which Is God's Day?
34. How Can One Know the True Church

Part VII--Your Bible and Your Future
35. Prophecies That Came True
36. The Next World Empire
37. Our Day Foreseen
38. Christ Unveils the Future
39. History's Glorious Climax
40. Your Eternal Home


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