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Cost of Forgiveness, The / Loman, Sandra / Paperback / LSI

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About the Book 

A brother's love, betrayals…websites and webs of lies…excuses and evasions…psychological insights, inward doubts, and physical pain…sadness, selfishness, supportive friends, seclusion, and secrets…gossiping, generosity, and God's plans…unwelcome visitors and unexpected revelations…painful conversations, keepsakes, and kindnesses…and finally forgiveness.

The writer reveals these raw experiences and emotions as well as her deep struggle to forgive others in an anonymous blog that has many followers. It is only there that she feels secure in sharing her innermost thoughts and feelings with others. Her blog is written in the train-of-thought writing style common to social media.

The Cost of Forgiveness slowly weaves together not only the anonymous blog writer's reflections but also the threads of the past and a protective family who loved her but were at a loss to truly understand her, her present life with its self-imposed isolation in a rural setting, coupled with tantalizing tidbits of the secrets she hides from others, as she gently teases the reader with almost-revealed but still hidden truths about her life. This slow self-revelation is interspersed with interesting details about her work as a website designer and her interests in poetry, books, and photography.

Available in PAPERBACK and eBOOK formats.


About the Author 

Author Sandra Loman currently lives in Helena, Montana, where she homeschools her children. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, sculpting, reading, and nature walks. She graduated from Columbia Union College with a degree in religion. Her favorite Bible text is Isaiah 43:2 ("When you pass through the waters, I will be with you….."

A few years ago, she realized there were certain people in her life whom she had not forgiven. She decided to write this book to work through her own struggles with forgiving. It is her hope that those who read this book will realize that "forgiving can be an ongoing decision that one makes each day."


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Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing job. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2023

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    It was a pleasure to review The Cost of Forgiveness. I enjoyed the progression of events and the written style. It seems balanced, and it flows well. The author effectively paints a realistic story of the struggle to face the heavy weight of unforgiveness and the associated guilt of a bitter heart. This story's format is intriguing because the reader is kept in suspense about the source of the main character's unforgiveness, which the author effectively reveals in both the life events and the blog posts. The author did an amazing job both in building this mystery as well as revealing it. In addition, all of the character descriptions are well developed and relatable. Throughout the storyline, the theme of unforgiveness is present, and I like how the author chose to redirect the reader's attention back to this theme with the blog posts at the start of each chapter. As a Christian, I noticed accurate biblical references neatly woven throughout the story. Excellent job on this work.
    ~ Stephanie Greer, Teacher

  2. A very well-done treatise! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2023

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    This story is extremely well written, clear, concise, and very interesting. The theme of forgiveness is one many people struggle with (including myself), so readers can identify easily with the author's struggle.
    The characters are well developed and believable, multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional. I found them a little confusing at first—difficult to figure out who was who and to remember which character was which, especially when I picked the book back up after laying it down. But they straightened themselves out in the end, and all was clear.
    The poetry examples are a plus, giving the story added depth and clarity. The author uses them very wisely, adding interest to the points she was making.
    I love the flow of the story, the well-chosen Bible examples, the descriptive words of the lovely area where the story takes place, and the baring of her soul by the author. She makes no excuses for herself, just tells her tale as it happened and shows us her struggles with grief, pain, and her inability to forgive.
    A very well-done treatise, told in story form but showing very human failings, griefs, loves, and deep longings.
    ~ Rose Leblanc, Retired Nurse

  3. Well Done 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2023

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “I have just completed reading The Cost of Forgiveness and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is well written and keeps your attention throughout the entire book. I have always enjoyed Sandy's writings and am excited this is being published. It is a good subject. Many people have a difficult time forgiving and it helps to watch her character go through the steps she needed in order to forgive. Well done!”
    -Linda H. Retired.

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