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Direct Mail Marketing

Our world has changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping each other safe has necessitated distancing, and has hampered our ability to gather together to commune, share information, and communicate in ways we can in person. This means it has become more difficult for you to do outreach ministry in your community. 

Direct Mail Marketing is the solution. TEACH Services offers you the opportunity to reach out to your neighborhood or community by directly mailing materials to their mailboxes. We publish "Shareable" materials on a variety of topics that make it easy for you or your ministry to spread God's Message.   





TEACH Services allows you to choose a small mailable book and send it to all residential addresses in a zip code. To request more information on a zip code, please submit one form for each zip code using this formDMM request



Books Available for Mailings






Facing Today and Beyond
by Bruce Atchison

Everyone should know the special laws of health given to us by God. This book will help readers better their health, deal with significant life trials, and teach them how to pray for the lost souls they come into contact with every day.

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Living a Victorious Life: From the Bottom to the Top
by Bruce Atchison

Living a Victorious Life from the Bottom to the Top The road to recovery from tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana is tough if you travel it alone. But what if you find a guide to help you along the way—someone who successfully broke free from these substances, changing an unfulfilling life into a life of purpose and accomplishment?

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God's Love for Us
by Al Matlock

Most Christians acknowledge that nine of the Ten are still valid, but what about the fourth? Why is it that the one commandment that begins with “remember” is the one that many forget? Here you’ll find a clear, biblical answer to these questions.

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Women in the Bible -- Rahab's Story
by Monica Roth

The accounts of these featured women carry readers into the scenes, emphasizing the immeasurable value God placed on these precious daughters and the remarkable ways He worked through them to accomplish the amazing—sometimes, the nearly impossible. The author’s organizational method makes this volume a handy study resource. Each chapter includes a story and promptings for the reader to review and reflect on these fascinating case studies.

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Keys to the Kingdom
by Bob Tate

As the ongoing news we hear each day is becoming more and more the bad news of the day, the urgency of reaching the lost and hopeless all around us is becoming more and more evident. This little booklet focuses on the preaching of Jesus the only one who can offer the hope and the help that people need and are desperately searching for.

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