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On January 1, 1984, a small home in Harrisville, New Hampshire, became the maiden office of TEACH Services, Inc. The mission of the newly formed publishing company was to encourage and strengthen individuals around the world through the distribution of books that point readers to Christ. The secondary mission was to make more Adventist materials available in the areas of health and Christian living. Because of the company’s focus on teaching others about Christ and healthful living, the name TEACH Services was selected.

Almost four years later the company moved to Brushton, New York. An old red barn was converted into office space and a warehouse, and the publishing work continued. Additional warehouse space was added onto the barn as more authors came to TEACH seeking assistance in publishing their work.

In 1997 TEACH opened a sister business—Lost ‘n Found (LNF) Books—with the sole purpose of selling used Adventist books, some dating as far back as the 1800s. At its height of operation, LNF Books had 250,000 books in its inventory.

In 2010 the decision was made to move the business south to Georgia. In July 2010, TEACH moved and settled in Ringgold; in mid-2016, we moved to new office space in Fort Oglethorpe.

In 2020 TEACH offices relocated to a large facility at the entrance to Georgia-Cumberland Academy. This new Calhoun location allows for a store providing a large collection of vegetarian foods along with our books.  

Since its inception, TEACH Services has published more than a thousand titles. Included in these titles are new Adventist authors, updated editions, reprints of classic Adventist mission stories and the early writings of the Adventist pioneers, and translations of titles into such languages as Spanish and Russian. Throughout the years and still to this day, the publishing mission has remained clear—point readers to Christ.