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TEACH Services Imprint

As a Christian publisher we always endeavor to glorify God in our publications. This includes following the Chicago Manual of Style* guidelines. In addition, we seek to provide quality reading materials that will enhance the spiritual lives of Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) and other Christians.

If a book is accepted, and during editing it becomes evident that the manuscript is not compatible with these goals, we reserve the right to make changes to the manuscript by removing questionable material and rewriting as necessary.

TEACH Services avoids publishing books that:

  • Emphasize controversy, showing a critical spirit toward persons or leaders,
  • Highlight adamant opinions, politics, and/or sensationalism,
  • Promote moral or ethical compromise or wrongdoing,
  • Are spiritually misleading or out of harmony with biblical truth (e.g., communications or messages from heaven/God/angels or ideas that are only vaguely supported in the Bible or writings of Ellen White but promoted as fact),
  • Use names, descriptions, or photos of people without their consent or permission of the rights holder,
  • That is discriminatory, possibly illegal, or could lead to libel charges (please visit HERE for information), and
  • Contain quotes from obscure sources that need proper referencing or for which the author needs reliable proof sources.

For a manuscript to proceed with any of the above, TEACH Services and the author must reach a consensus. Titles originally intended for TEACH Services imprint and promotion and later determined to require a change to Aspect Books imprint will have all costs for marketing promotions revert to the author and advances to the publisher.

Aspect Book Imprints

Authors who just need their book printed, can apply to Aspect Books for their printing needs. Aspect Books are not promoted by TEACH Services and are expected to be supplied for printing as "camera ready" with correct margins, layout, editing, already completed and ready to print. Additional services are available for editing, layout, and design work (see Publishing Options for details).

*Please note: The Chicago Manual of Style does not capitalize pronouns such as He, Him, and His when referring to God, but TEACH Services does. Also, Chicago capitalizes major religious events such as the crucifixion, the ascension, the incarnation, but TEACH Services lowercase these events. See our Style Guidelines (PDF) for details.