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Promoting Your Ministry
without extra cost


Quality Promotional Connection

Book branding is necessary for all ministries looking to connect with supporters. Whether you give or sell, branding a book allows you to choose a published book that aligns with your ministry beliefs--health, cooking, Bible study, and many more-- and make it your own. We have several ways to make the book yours--banner, tagline, logo on the cover, or add a dedication or thank you note on an inside page. Whichever you choose, the reader will connect with your ministry every time they pick up the book. 


Branding Cost

There is no cost to brand a book (with the minimum first time purchase of a hundred copies). Put your ministry on the cover or inside page to promote your mission. You will receive full discounts on all branding purchases. Our goal is to help you design a quality item that you will be proud to promote in your store. 


Book Branding Examples




Increase Your Connection Opportunity

Devotional branding is what your ministry needs. Devotional branding will benefit your ministry and sponsors. Whether the devotional is given as a gift for received donations, sold as a “limited edition” fundraiser, or an employee gift, it will help people connect daily with Christ and link back to your ministry.

As you know, the benefits of branding are numerous—makes your business memorable, encourages word-of-mouth marketing, helps you share your values, builds internal employee morale and pride, and brings a high ROI and increased profits. When choosing an item for branding, cost and the consumer use are always weighed.  Branding a devotional will give you an item whose use outweighs the cost. An annual devotional gives the reader a daily connection to Christ, your ministry beliefs, and a visual link to your ministry name or logo.


Ready to brand a book for your next fundraiser or event? A TEACH advisor will help begin the process, answering your questions and helping you select the best title for your ministry. To book a time to speak with an advisor click on the link below. 


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New Annual Devotionals


Family Devotional Adult Devotional


  Worship Him Who Made...
  By David A. Steen


  Rainbows Amidst the Clouds
By Judy Barcelo

"Worship Him Who Made . . ." 
is a daily devotional focusing on our remarkable Creator. Each devotional shares stories and details from nature, revealing the loving character of our amazing God. Learn of the marvels found in creation, displaying His love for us. 

Claim the promise that when we see Jesus as He really is, we will be drawn to Him, and we will be  changed.


"Rainbows in the Clouds . . ."
is a devotional journey through the Bible, contemplating selected passages in every book from Genesis to Revelation.

As a baby boomer herself, Dr. Barcelo has written this devotional intending to relate to the spiritual interests of those living out their golden years, yet it applies to truth-seekers in all stages of life.