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Publishing Options

TEACH Services offers a variety of publishing options and imprints (see HERE for additional imprint options). As you will notice, each level has additional features in conjunction to the services provided.

The following prices are for a basic black-and-white, text-only book on uncoated stock, of around 35,000 words (which would be approximately 120 pages in a 5.5” x 8.5” format) and—if included—basic editing and layout, without fact checking, indexing, pull quotes, footnotes, pictures, or illustrations. Publishing under the Aspect imprint offers standard wholesale distribution only, whereas publishing under the TEACH Services imprint entitles you to marketing under a specific genre or to the Adventist community.

In order to qualify for publishing under the TEACH Services imprint, your manuscript must espouse Adventist beliefs, discuss topics relevant to Adventists, or, in the case of biographies, detail a life of ministry and service or document a conversion story. Books that discuss biblical ideas or insights must be reviewed and approved by at least two Adventist ministers, retired or currently serving. Likewise, books that recommend medical treatment, diet, or nutrition must be reviewed and approved by at least two medical doctors or dietitians. It is the author’s responsibility to secure such an approval before the book goes to press.



about $2,899


TEACH Services
about $3,699

TEACH Services
about $7,299

Book Discounts
Our authors enjoy discounts off the suggested retail price of their book. This means you can purchase copies to sell directly to your community and network. (These discounts include author royalties and are based on prepayment by check. Credit card purchases are slightly less.)

up to 50% up to 50% up to 60% up to 80%
depending on
the quantity

Format and Binding Options
We offer all major formats and binding styles (PB=Paperback, HB=Hard Bound, EB=e-Book, AB=Audio Book); if not listed as standard here, most other formats or bindings are available as a special order; inquire for details. Interior pages can be black & white (B&W) or full color on most paper stocks.

PB or HB
Press ready file supplied by you
PB and EB
Optional HB
Optional AB
PB and EB
Optional HB
Optional AB
PB and EB
Optional HB
Optional AB

Free Author Copies
After your book is finished, we will send you complimentary copies for your own use. Additional copies can be purchased at a discount (see “Book Discounts” above).

2 PB copies  5 PB copies 10 PB copies 25 PB copies

ISBN/LOC Numbers & BISAC Code
The publishing industry uses the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to trace your title back to your publisher. TEACH Services will do this for you and will also register your title with R. R. Bowker, a bibliographic tool for libraries, booksellers, and publishers. We will also obtain a LOC (Library of Congress) catalog number for your book, and assign a BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) topical code.

Book Cover Design
For the BASIC publishing package, we will use your design for a 4-color cover using your supplied photograph, the title and subtitle of your book, the author's name, and supplied back cover copy. For BETTER, BEST, and PRO Services, our book designers will create eight different customized 4-color covers for you to "Pick One" to grab the buyer's attention. This includes the back cover copy, which can include your photograph, a short author biography, BISAC topical codes, and ISBN barcode. Special art or illustrations can be supplied at additional cost.

Our authors normally receive a 10 to 12 percent royalty for ALL books that we sell, based on the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of each binding and 25 to 50 percent royalty on each e-Book format. For instance, when we sell 1,000 copies of a $10.00 SRP book with a 70% discount we would pay the author $1,000.00 in royalties. –MORE–

Rights Management
As a TEACH author, we will actively look for ways to promote your book including: Foreign translations, Magazine syndication, Radio interviews, Audio book creation, Quotes & Reprints, Fair Use regulation, etc. There are no additional fees for this service as all costs are paid by the organization requesting their use.

Website Ordering
We will submit your title to AspectBooks.com and scores of other online bookstores, allowing millions to potentially purchase your book. In addition, for the BETTER and the PRO levels, your title will be upgraded to placement on the TEACHServices.com site that markets specifically to Adventists. This allows retail and wholesale customers to securely purchase your books.





Domestic Distribution
TEACH Services partners with the largest distributor of books in the world. Your title is listed in their catalog, meaning that your book is a part of their distribution network that includes over 40,000 book retailers, librarians, and international accounts.

International Distribution
Besides our relationships inside the US/Canada borders, our partnership with various book printers and distributors around the world gives us access to their printing and shipping facilities. Currently we service 220 countries through their facilities located in Australia, Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and United Arab Emirates.

We partner with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo, Google, and others to offer our e-Books in their special formats, and in full color on those devices that support color. We have partnerships with around 50 e-Book distributors around the world. Once uploaded, your book can become a part of their catalog of available e-Books.


Layout and Design
Our design team will take your body and cover text and lay it out and prepare it for press, following all printing standards to create a professional end product, including... –MORE–


Electronic Proof
You will receive an electronic proof to review before your book is sent to the printer. We want to make sure you are happy with the finished product.


Creative Back Cover Copy
Our Editing Department will draft back cover copy that will summarize your book and entice readers to purchase it. We will also include the ISBN and barcode and BISAC topical code for your title.


Professional Editing
Our Editing Department will bring a fresh perspective to your book by editing your manuscript while retaining your style and voice. Our editors will ensure that your book follows publishing industry styles and standards. This step will polish your manuscript. Additional Editing Standards can be found HERE.




Inquire about limited editing services

Video Book Trailer
Our professional book trailer team will create a stunning video book trailer highlighting and linking your title to our eCommerce site. Video book trailers will promote and build awareness of your title to Facebook users.


Promoting/Featuring Titles at Conventions
All new titles will be displayed at any conventions we attend, while featured titles are displayed prominently in our booth with special offers and discounts of up to 50% off the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) to encourage impulse purchasing. Convention list we may be attending can be found at: https://teachservices.com/marketing-tips/


Promoting & Featuring 

Promoting, Featuring using RMM, Radio, and Social Media

Specialty Marketing to the Adventist Community
We will market your book specifically to the Adventist community, ministries, ABC's, and special events we attend.


Facebook/Social Media Advertising
TEACH Service titles enjoy promotion on our company’s Facebook fan page along with a major advertising campaign of your title to targeted Adventist interest groups reaching upwards to 140,000 viewers.




Wholesale E-mail Promotion
We will actively promote your book to the Adventist Book Centers and our other wholesale customers through e-mail communication.


Retail E-mail Promotion
We will feature your book to thousands of opt-in retail customers who have asked to hear of our new releases through our monthly e-mail newsletter.


News Release
We will write and distribute a news release about your book (when email addresses are supplied) and send where applicable to places like your local newspaper, alma mater, workplace, or Union Conference papers. This helps to spread the word about your book in your local community.


We will print 1,000 full color bookmarks and provide you with 750 for you to distribute to your local church, family, friends, and anywhere else you choose. We will use the rest in orders that we ship to our customers or visit our booths at conventions.



Our policy for payment is 1/3 down in advance, 1/3 when your book is finished editing, and the remaining 1/3 after the approval of the final text proof. Other payment options include 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card. Checks drawn on non-USA banks will be charged a $45.00 processing fee. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

As stated, the above prices are based on a "basic" book. Advanced services for your book, including various editing levels; color photographs; printing on inside covers; embossing, foil or screen printing; matte lamination or spot varnish; specialty covers or gilding of book edges; ribbons, charts, gatefolds, artwork or photography, or inserts; transcription; advanced typesetting (callouts, special positioning, indexing, or endnotes or footnotes); or scanning (images or OCR). These types of services cost extra. If you are interested in one or more of these options, we will quote you a price upon receipt of your materials. All prices reflect a $200 discount for proofing via email and Acrobat commenting.

Please remember that work cannot begin on your book without receipt of your final manuscript, signed Publishing Agreement, and first installment payment, nor can the remaining steps be completed without timely receipt of the remaining installment payments. Delays from author over 90 days will place work in STOP/ARCHIVE status along with a one hour minimum charge for holding the job until author is ready to continue. Any changes that are not covered in our basic allowance will add a minimum of two weeks to the projected completion date.

Current service fee schedule: Additional quarterly royalty payments outside of regular yearly times will be charged $25 unless there are over 500 units sold in that quarter and over $500 accrued and due Author and requested by Author. Extra requested time related work $85/hr. Rights filing requests $25/each plus any usage fees. Inactive Address Charge—1 hour time-related work per title per year. Multiple royalty payees charge $2 per payee. Authors who are supplying Camera Ready files will be tested for "Error Free" without charge. Additional file submissions that still fail, will be charged a resubmit fee of $45. 

*We allow unlimited free corrections during editing and during layout up through the return of your Text-DRAFT. Any corrections or changes sent to us after that will be charged even for corrections—as these should have been identified by you as the final proofreader. How do we count a change? Read our white sheet for details—https://www.1ref.us/zzzcount. Please note that you are only allowed a limited amount of changes at no charge (see below chart). As an author you may be tempted to direct every detail of the layout of your book—fonts, colors, tints/hues/contrast adjustments, reverse type, phantoms, picture selection/replacement, etc. To become the "Art Director" may be fun to do, but it is very time intensive on our end. You will be charged if this is the route you wish to take. Minimum charge is for 10 hours work at our standard hourly rates listed above. Layout changes (such as margins, fonts, highlighting, underscoring, bolding, italics, headers or footers, and line/word/letter spacing requested during the Text-GALLEY stage are without charge, however, layout changes when returning the Text-DRAFT will incur a minimum $120 charge while layout changes during the Text-PROOF will incur a minimum $300 charge. Changes or corrections after you book goes to press will incur charges depending on time to correct and resubmit to all our distributors. Restarting a previous unfinished job from a STOP/ARCHIVE status will require a re-estimate of the total job with a minimum restart charge of 6 hour time-related work. These fees subject to change without notice.

Editing / Text Design / Cover Design
 Proof # Minimum Delay Charge
for Changes
 Text Galley, Draft, or Proof Min  $     0  N/A Hourly rate
with total
allowance of
1 min/1K
in MSS
 1st Add'l Proof after above Min  $   45 + 3 wks
 2nd Add'l Proof or more  Min  $   45 + 4 wks
Hourly rates cover actual work, oversite, review, billing, and shipping of extra proofs. Delay times are based on loss of sequence in job queue and additional time needed to restart job to complete.