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Best News Possible, The: You May Live Forever! / Javor, George T. / Paperback / LSI

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About the Book 

What would it be like if you knew that you could live forever? Would you live differently now? The Best News Possible hits upon the most basic and unfulfilled need of all humanity: to live in perpetuity. We were created to live forever, so what happened?

The author tells how and why the human family has declined to our current lifespan. Being a biochemist by training, he gives his science-based insights to the story of the creation and the fall of mankind. He also provides an explanation for the drastic consequences of the apparently innocuous act of eating the forbidden fruit. The author gives indisputable evidence in favor of the creation story as presented in the Bible and a strong indication for a young earth. He contrasts heaven’s unending solicitude and pro-active campaign to save the earth, culminating with the incarnation and death of the majestic Creator on Calvary, with the ongoing, spectacularly unsuccessful SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) projects, costing millions of dollars.

Most importantly, this book shows the reader the way out from our prison of short lifespan—the fruit of our Savior’s self-sacrifice on the Cross. But it doesn’t end there! The author wants readers to see where we are in the stream of earth’s history and what is waiting for us in the great beyond!

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About the Author 

George Javor

George Javor is an emeritus research professor of biochemistry and microbiology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Currently residing in New Leipzig, North Dakota, he retired from full-time teaching at Loma Linda in 2006. His teaching career included serving as a professor at Andrews University for eleven years.

Javor spent his career working in the laboratory studying Escherichia coli and other bacteria. In addition, he taught biochemistry to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. As a scientist committed to creationism, he has dedicated himself to providing evidence of a Divine Creator in the world of science through written articles and speaking engagements.

In the course of his career, he has published more than fifty technical papers and abstracts in the area of biochemistry and a similar number of articles on science and its relation to the Bible.

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  1. How can this be anything but the best news possible! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2020

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “Dr. Javor weaves his rich appreciation of transcendent values with the understanding of living processes of a biochemist in order to present us with glimpses of insight about life’s meaning and purpose. It is impossible to read any of his writing and not be moved by his deep commitments to both faith and science. His thoughts helped and inspired me during my student times, and I continue to look forward to more. Overarching all his thinking is the conviction that life is not a product of mere happenstance, but an expression of deep parental care from a loving creator. Moreover, this creator has a vision for a promising future that we have a privilege of being a part of. How can this be anything but the best news possible!”
    — Danilo Boskovic, Division of Biochemistry, Department of Basic Sciences, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University,

  2. Surprise Read! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2020

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “This book was a surprise read. Dr. Javor’s captivating writing style got me hooked — I had to keep reading. As a researcher in the area of the health sciences I am very interested in research related to increasing life expectancy. Dr. Javor’s different approach to life expectancy made me realize what he writes about is “The Best News Yet!”
    — Dr John Ashton PhD, FRACI, Adjunct Professor, Food Chemistry & Biophysics Group, School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne

  3. Engagingly Written 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2020

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “In this engagingly written book, laced with his characteristic good humor, biochemist George Javor exhibits a deep passion for Christian understanding as he argues for the appeal of Christianity as good news!”
    — Gary Chartier, Associate Dean, Distinguished Professor of Law and Business Ethics, Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business, La Sierra University

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