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Daniel 11 and the Medieval Divided Kingdoms: The Struggle Between Rome and Constantinople for Church-State Supremacy / Louden, Perry F. / Paperback / LSI

945-7031 L


About the Book 

Doctor Perry Louden puts his money where his mouth is when he proposes a new logical, instructive, and chronological take on Daniel 11. In his own words, “This position is by no means meant to be the end-all to our study and dialogue on Daniel 11…The result must be to put an end to our vacillation among a multitude of positions and opinions in Daniel 11.” Doctor Louden confronts years of indecision by using principles of interpretation consistent with Adventist theological history. He extends this consistency to questionable verses in Daniel 11, long since debated in Adventism. His chronological approach helps make Daniel 11 easier to follow.

Though Louden may not explicitly state who the King of the South is today, he does lay the necessary historical foundation that all––theologians and Bible students alike––need to arrive at the answers to questions that have long been obscured. “We are in the Toenails of Daniel’s Image, and we must present all Daniel’s prophecies with the same power and exuberance of those giving the message of hope in the judgment before October 22, 1844.”

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About the Author 

Perry Louden

Perry F. Louden is an avid researcher of religion and history. He studied at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he received his MA in Christian studies. In 2019, Perry received a Ph.D. in literacy studies at Middle Tennessee State University. In his spare time, Louden sponsors a Bible club at a local public school, and he has a knack for solving insanely difficult puzzles. Currently, he lives in Bradyville, Tennessee, where he attends the Woodbury Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Deep and Interesting book 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2021

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “This was a deep and interesting book which led the reader thru history by matching Bible texts with the past and into current events. It is definitely not a light read or for the faint of heart. I really liked the aim of the book to make Daniel 2 the template to establish a safe path to follow and focus in order to put the puzzle pieces of the forthcoming chapters together thus avoiding personal interpretation or speculation. The verse by verse interpretation of Daniel 11 grouped with the set dates in Appendix A was also a very helpful tool to bring it all together; the same may be said of Appendixes B and C. I am happy to add this book to my bookshelf where the joy of learning about the Bible and its many treasures can be found. Thank you Dr. Louden for all your time and effort you have put into this project to give more insight into the prophecies of Daniel.”
    ~Roberta Chavez, Retired Nurse, Sabbath School Superintendent

  2. Links Daniel 2 with all the prophecies down the stream of time up to the end 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2021

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “Of all the books I have read on the prophecies of Daniel, this has accomplished the golden chain that links Daniel 2 with all the prophecies down the stream of time up to the end; link by link without any gaps. History also parallels these prophecies.”
    ~ Peter Chavez, Retired Electrician, Sabbath School Teacher

  3. It will definitely drive you back to the word of God 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2021

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “Over the last 40 years, as a lay-preacher, I have taught almost exclusively Daniel and Revelation. My library and files swell with books and manuscripts from both Seventh-day Adventist authors and others who wrestle with the interpretation of Daniel 11:23-39. You will find in this little book by Mr. Louden much to contemplate and research. It will definitely drive you back to the word of God and the history books as you explore what he here presents.”
    ~Richard Lamb, Lay Pastor and Bible Worker

  4. Welcome and insightful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2021

    TEACH Services received the following review:
    “In his detailed study of Daniel 11, the author seeks to extend the thematic parallelism between Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 9 to Daniel 10–12. Drawing on well-established Adventist principles of interpretation and insights on Daniel 11 from the Spirit of Prophecy, the author proposes that Daniel 11 follows the well-established sequence of historical powers outlined in Daniel 2, 7 & 8. He argues that the common Adventist interpretation in which the narrative moves forward in time to the crucifixion in v. 22, only to then move back in time to the Maccabean alliance is without exegetical basis nor interpretive precedent within Daniel.
    “The author then provides a new interpretation of Daniel 11.23–29, arguing that this particular passage with its confrontation between the Kings of the North and the South represents the conflicts between the two competing and persecuting unions of church and state that followed imperial Rome, i.e. Papal Rome and Byzantium. This transition from imperial to papal Rome, and to a persecuting union of church and state in Daniel 11.23–29 mirrors the same sequencing of powers found in Daniel 2, 7 & 8. The author then moves to a commonly-held Adventist interpretation (particularly from the time of Louis Were onwards) for vv. 36–39, arguing that these verses represent the full flowering of papal arrogance and supremacy prior to the ending of the 1,260 year prophecy. Particularly insightful is how the author sequences verses 23–39 against the flow of chapters in The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan by Ellen G. White.
    “The author arrives at v. 40, interpreting (as do many Adventist interpreters) the time of the end as beginning at the end of the 1,260 year prophecy, i.e. in AD 1798, but the author does not provide a detailed analysis of the conflict between the Kings of the North or the South in vv. 40–45. While the identity of the KON is clear (papal Rome, backed by the military might of the West in general and the USA in particular), the identity of the KOS remains more obscure, although the author does indicate provisional backing for the atheism interpretation held commonly among Adventists since the writings of Louis Were and Dr. Hans LaRondelle. Detailed appendices provide helpful interpretive information to guide the reader in further study.
    “Throughout the book, the author seeks to follow well-established Adventist principles of interpretation (which he helpfully outlines early on) and a brief but detailed analysis of the commentary found in the Spirit of Prophecy. He builds his case on the well-established portrayal of a persecuting union of church and state that would arise after pagan Rome in Daniel 2, 7 & 8. This approach lends credibility to the conclusions relating to the identities of the KON and the KOS in 11.23–39. Further work is required however to identify how and if the KOS in vv.40–45 is also a persecuting union of church of state, or a secular equivalent, if the well-established patterns found earlier in Daniel are to be continued throughout Daniel 11. This book is a welcome and insightful addition to the ongoing prayerful reflection on this critical portion of eschatological prophecy within the wider SDA community.”
    ~ Dr. Conrad Vine, President, Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc. (www.afmonline.org).

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