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Franklin Historical Review Collection 3 / Franklin County Historical & Museum Society / Hardback



The Franklin Historical Review is published once a year. It includes articles on county history, events and families written by local authors. This collects Volumes 11-15.

Table of Contents

Volume 11, 1972
Presiden't Report - Dorothy B. Smith
A Brief History of Franklin Academy at Malone, New York - G. Berton Davis, Sr.
Pigion's Mill (Pigeon) - Mildred McCormick Oeser
History of Trout River - Mrs. Louise White
Women's Christian Temperance Union - Allen MacIntyre
Malone Guardsmen - George Brandish
West Bangor Normandie House - Herbert K. Hastings
Nightmare! - Dorothy LaBelle
Trudeau - John J. Duquette
Home Town Boy Makes Good - Mary Ann Tallon
Some Notes on the Classic Cottage - Robert McGowan
Miss Lucia Gilbert, A Personal Recollection - Claribel Cantwell
The Franklin House of History - James D. Wyman

Volume 12, 1973
President's Report - Elizabeth Menke
Our Trip to the Museum - "Museum Day" Winning Essay
Hop Raising - Floy S. Hyde
The Centennial Recalled - Franklin Academy History Club
The Case of the Eccentric Millionaire - Malone Evening Telegram
The Editor Rambles - Malone Evening Telegram
The Dutch Schultz Trial - Maitland C. DeSormo
History of the Franklin County Fair - Roy S. Hall
Book Planned for Bicentennial
Article - Mary Ann Tallon
Franklin County and the War of 1812 - Mazie Hesseltine
A Dream come True - 4-H Camp Overlook - J. Frank. Stephens
The Roberts Family, First Settlers of Chateaugay, 1796 - Marion Roberts
Marriages - Rev. Ashbel B. Parmalee

Volume 13, 1976
President's Report - David J. Mahler
Franklin County Bicentennial Commission
Ashton Hall - Herbert K. Hastings
Ballard Mill Restoration - Douglas Kelley
Constable, New York - Mary Ann Tallon
Historic Preservation - Foote Tavern - Edward S. Tattershall
The Paul Smith's Electric Railway - MIchael Kudish, Ph.D.
Our Roots, Our Trunk, and Our Branches - Elizabeth Menke
The Merrill Family Cemetery, Chateaugay Lake, NY - Stephen C. Morrison
The Tattershall Family History - Edward Tattershall
Record of Marriages - Rev. Ashbel Parmelee
Soldiers of the Revolutionary War buried in Franklin County, NY

Volume 14, 1977
About the Contributors
Presiden't Letter, 1977 - Mary Ann Tallon
Growing Up in Franklin County, NY 1888-1908 - Warren H. Hinks
Iron and its Development at Lyon Mountain - Michael O'Keefe
Tupper Lake Then and Now - Louis J. Simmons
One Pupil, One Teacher, in One Room School - Louise White
Borderline Limited, Part 1 - Miriam O'Neil
An Ethnic Study - The Irish to 1850 - Elizabeth Donovan
Historian's Annual Paul Smith's Workshop - C. Walter Smallman
The Hoits of Chateaugay - Geneaology Committee
Records of Marriages - Rev. Ashbel Parmelee

Volume 15, 1978
Dedication - Marie Mercer
President's Letter - April, 1978 - Theodore M. Desnoyers
Borderline Limited, Part 2 - Miraim O'Neil
"To Be Continued" - William J. Slack
Reminiscences of Malone, 1920-1924 - Alice Geer Kelsey
Ode to the Cedars - William P. McClary
Bootlegging - A Way of Life - C. Walter Smallman
Gavel - Edward Tattershall
The Hermit of Ampersand Mountain - Seaver Miller Rice
Records of Marriages - Rev. Ashbel Parmelee

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