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Wired to Self-Destruct / Prest, James / Paperback



Counselors counsel, therapists provide therapy, but imagine that you were the counseling therapist. Imagine that you understood the answer to the question “Why?”

  • Why do my friends or I and my spouse continually fight and argue?
  • Why don’t I care about everything that matters to me?
  • Why don’t my children listen to me?
  • Why does rejection hurt me so much?
  • Why do my children act like I hate them?
  • Why am I afraid to be accepted, loved?
  • Why should I bother hoping?
  • Why do I love being absolutely miserable?

 Confused? Did you ever think that your subconscious might be the culprit?

Wired to Self-Destruct examines real-life experiences and how rejection shapes people. It shows that they aren’t weird, as some people may think, but that they are seeking answers to the question “Why?” Learn how your mind deals with emotional pain, and experience the freedom that is rightfully yours!

About the Author

James Prest, a Glade Valley, N.C., resident, stays busy writing and selling books door-to-door. In addition to publishing his third book, he recently celebrated another joyous occasion when he married Samantha Gould in the fall of 2011. His first book, which was released in December 2010, is titled Saved by Works…Christ’s Works!, and his second book is titled Salvation Isn’t Free…It’s Been Paid For!, which was published in May 2011.

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  1. Pretty much the first thing that helped me look at God rightly 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2012

    It always isn't nice to be rejected. In this life we always seek for acceptance. But when I realized HOW God accepts me it turned a light on in my brain and He swept up the cobwebs for me and the crazy monsters that were hiding in my closet. God has used James in a tremendous way to portray what many people tried to but fall short. Praise the Lord for this book and his others. God bless you James Prest!

  2. I'm Worth It!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2011

    I grew up constantly being made fun of and rejected at school. Home was better, but my siblings and I didn't always get along so I didn't always feel accepted by them either. I thought I was worthless. After all, things that are worth something are well guarded but my mind was always being violated. This book has helped me to see my true value, not just how others value me, but the actual value that I have, that is mine, and that cannot be separated from me. Life is so much better being worth something and knowing it than living life always feeling worthless and rejected. God is really using James in a wonderful way. His other two books have also changed my life completely.

  3. Accepted! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2011

    I had the privilege of reading the manuscript for this book. This book has helped me heal from the wounds of a broken childhood. It is a blessing from God. It has blessed me so much, along with both of James' other books. I couldn't help but give them all 5 stars. I thank God for using James in such incredible ways, and may God continue to guide him in all he does.

  4. Accepted! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2011

    I love this book! After reading the rest of the book, when I got to the last chapter, it really touched my heart! It's amazing to see that healing CAN truly come, even to me :) . So... I put 5 stars on each book by James Prest because they are books on the very messages that have changed my heart and life. Its truly amazing how the principles from the book (which I read as a manuscript) keep opening up to me. Thank you James for letting God use you, and like the rest of us, being real people. Praise God for these books.

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