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A Story of Child Abuse and God’s Miracle

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“So the old man was home again. He could be heard roaring and then grumbling and then roaring again, cursing profusely in his drunken stupor, growling as he stumbled around the lower level. The children and the mother made room for him, much as one wittingly gets out of the way of a big, unfriendly animal. But none of these people were the animal’s prey.

Upstairs, the telltale slapping of the screen door sent a silent scream of alarm through the child. He jumped up in a single reflexive motion from his cozy place by the light on the floor and slipped through the bedroom door and far back into the corner to the window. He had learned to move quickly, before the old man could hear him leaving the vent. He had learned not to hide under the covers. He had learned not to hide at all. It was useless.”

Child of Woe is a story that must be told. The devastating trauma of child abuse is brought to light in this amazing true-life story of Maury Blair. Born into a world of hate and rejection, it seemed here was no hope for this lonely, frightened boy.

Read His Story…and God’s Miracle!

~ David Mainse, Host of 100 Huntley Street

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My journey with God started in a shack down a lane in Paris, Ontario, Canada, when I read Dr. Norman Vincent Peals' book, "Stay Alive All Your Life." I worked in a church as a volunteer and took Bible Study Courses, and then entered into ministry working with youth for the next thirty years. I developed radio broadcasts, street ministries, coffee house evangelism, and high school ministry.

My book Child of Woe was first published in 1981 and opened many doors for outreach, and we developed the Child of Woe Movie (www.overcomingabuse.org) with 1.2 million views to date. I am currently the founding Director of Breakthrough Ministries and thank God for the marvelous adventure He has called me to.

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