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Have you been searching for the accountability you need to make permanent and meaningful life changes? The Second Mile (40-Days+ of Fitness and Faith) contains the perfect tools to lead you on a journey of health and healing with Christ that actually boost your immune system. Not only organized for educational purposes but for practical and easy application in your daily routine.

Written by an educator with extensive experience in teaching preventative and biblical health principles, this program is filled with recipes, health tips, and simple goals so that anyone can experience optimal outcomes. Follow a daily checklist to keep you on track. Read Bible verses and prayer guides specific to each day’s journey. Experience growth through serving others along the way. Learn to recognize and tackle obstacles that you may never have noticed in your path before reading this book. Discover why your Creator wants to help you achieve your highest potential, both inside and out.

Get ready to begin your journey towards wellness!

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Peter and Sheila Roesler are Health Evangelists and Character Development Specialists. Their ministry has been active for over 24 years.

Peter received his BA and Masters in Industrial Education from Pacific Union College. He spent many missionary years in the Islands of Micronesia as a teacher and builder. He also taught in college and high school in the US. He joined Sheila over four years ago when they married. Now he is assisting in both building their ministry and their ‘Faith Farm’ because everything they do is by faith.

Sheila received her BA from Brandeis University and her Masters in Education with an emphasis on Urban Youth Development from National University. She is a ‘Who is Who’ in American Teachers’ award winner. She taught High school Math, Chemistry, and Physics and was the former owner of a Kumon Math franchise. She was a Research Associate at Harvard School of Public Health in the Nutrition and Epidemiology departments.

Both Peter and Sheila teach God’s Preventive Health principles in formats of dynamic health empowerment parties, Vegan Cooking classes, seminars, workshops, and private consultations, in homes, schools, churches and organizations across the United States and abroad. They have both finished their Hygienic Naturopath Medical Missionary Certification and are constantly learning to be better servants in ‘His Majesty’s Service’.

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Now Available, Educating Oncology Nurses on Chaplaincy Referrals!

When Dr. Simmons began the research that inspired this book, she simply wanted to help the nurses at her hospital improve their understanding of when to call a chaplain for an oncology patient. The research led her on a journey that not only taught her how to see the bigger picture behind the ordeal a patient and family must face [...]

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Timothy Raymond stresses that the last book in Scripture is not a revelation of beasts, horns, and other symbols; it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the One who willingly placed Himself on the altar to save us from our sins, thoroughly defeated the devil and loosened his mortal grip on our race, and promises to culminate this victory by [...]

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Now Available, ZURIEL.

Have you ever imagined what life was like in heaven before Lucifer's rebellion? Or questioned how his rebellion came to this world? If so, then this book is for you! If not, you’ll still relish this modern retelling of the great controversy between Lucifer and Michael-an event so Cosmos-shaking that it changed the entire Universe forever! In this biblically based [...]

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This book paints a realistic picture of what it was like for the author to be a caregiver, but its pages are aglow with hope and assurance that will resonate with all caregivers, inspiring and reminding them to trust God for the courage they need to face the tough issues of caregiving.The author describes the daily worries, setbacks, missteps, and [...]

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Points of Grace: Empowerment for Hard Times, answers many profound questions:Why does God seem like a “hard man” to some people?Why are we incapable of crying out to God in authentic ways except during times of extremity?How does God get past our self-defense mechanisms?Does God accept us as we are—with our sin?Have we messed up so badly that there is no fixing [...]

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Just as generations before them, a close-knit Mennonite family is living a quiet, peaceful life in the farming community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are faithful members of their church and hold steadfastly to Mennonite traditions. But the world is quickly changing; natural disasters and calamities are now the norm. This family is also experiencing hardships from a severe drought and [...]

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Now Available, YOU HAVE A VOICE!

There is both good and evil in this world, and unfortunately, our precious children can be exposed to and experience some very dark and terrible things—nothing any child should have to endure. It's of the utmost importance that our children have a safe haven and that we teach them that they indeed have a voice and can express when [...]

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Now Available, THE CREATOR'S GIFT!

What is the most amazing gift you have ever received? Was it wrapped in pretty paper? Did it have a bright bow? Well, not all gifts come wrapped, and some of the very best are found in nature. Think about all of the beautiful things that you can see when you step outside. Did you know these are God’s [...]

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Memorable music with chords for keyboard and guitar, arranged in alphabetical order. Familiar words from the inspired Word of God. May the music speak to your heart; may the words feed your soul.If you would like to preview this book click here, or if you would like to purchase this book click here.If you would like to publish your [...]

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