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NEW! Delineates the Cosmic Implications of Key Historic Events.

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"This work written by Mark Shipowick is outstanding because of its very subject. Yes, the market is not short of books dealing with the end of the world or the Second Advent of Christ. And you may find other insights into the current developments in our world and relevant precedents of history. But we shouldn’t forget that God made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:6) and wherever He is there shall also His servant be (John 12:26)! If our Redeemer is soon to take His position for the last act of cleansing in the heavenly sanctuary, we should not stay in ignorance about that! If we don’t follow Him in faith there, what makes us so sure that we are ready to welcome the true Christ when He appears and not a counterfeit? Let us follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth now, and rejoice with all the saints when He appears in glory!"
~ Ovidiu Victor Martin, author and publisher.

About the Book:

The Final Atonement calls the attention of the church of Christ’s imminent cleansing of the sanctuary as depicted in the apocalyptic prophesies of scripture. The author unpacks many components associated with end-time events, both earthly and heavenly, pointing readers to those solemn events foretold by inspiration that lie just ahead. 

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NEW! Rediscover the Theological and Practical Value of the Sanctuary Service.

"In Ezekiel’s Temple, Shipowick provides a fascinating new insight into the parallels between the prophesied temple of Jerusalem, the end-time prophecies of Daniel, and how this relates to modern humanity just before the return of Jesus Christ. His book invites all to a careful reading and thoughtful reflection on their own life and preparation for the second coming." ~ [...]

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NEW! A Story of Promises, Forgiveness, and Restoration!

"Lady & Jesse Make a Promise exemplifies the extraordinary works of Larry B. Bachman and exceeds expectations of satisfactory authorship. Each page is captivating and strategically expressed. This fictitious presentation depicts a real-life story of two individuals who are determined to fulfill a sincere promise which inspired the magnificent production of The Promise, a musical representation of that commitment. Bachman captures the beauty of an almost lost talent. His [...]

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Find Out Where We Are in Earth’s Timeline.

"This book offers explanations to the often-common questions and misunderstandings of a Sovereign God interacting with humanity prior to and after free moral agents were subject to the curse of sin. For bible scholars, students, teachers, pastors, or avid historians, this read is a wonderful addition to your library."~ Gary James, Executive Director“Rich in historical detail, Waters shows how [...]

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NEW: Discover the CHRISTIAN meaning behind King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

"Hang onto your seats for this rollercoaster! Joshua Herald pens a twisting, turning ride to a better understanding of Daniel's beastly prophecies and the mysterious stone that strikes the colossal, metallic image. The further I read, the better it got! Herald shares decades of personal highs and lows, making this a book to read and remember." ~ Chris Conrad PG (professional [...]

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A Daily Devotional for Those Living in Their Golden Years

About the Book Rainbows Amidst the Clouds is a devotional journey through the Bible, contemplating selected passages in every book from Genesis to Revelation. One of the best ways to maintain a close personal relationship with the Lord is to practice a consistent daily devotional program, and this book is one tool to help achieve [...]

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Learn to “Eat with the Right Attitude!”

About the Book Many of us make poor food choices daily, leading to ill-health, lack of energy, and even sickness and disease. Have you ever thought about healthy cooking and eating and assumed it is too difficult, too expensive, or even too time-consuming? This perspective does not do justice to God’s desire for us to [...]

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Be a Beacon of Light for God within Our Neighborhood!

About the Book “Working as a literature evangelist has been the most rewarding work that I have ever done in my life. I am very proud to have been and still be a member of this faithful army of Christian soldiers, who carry tidings of good news from country to country, city to city, street [...]

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An Inspiring Story about the Providence of God

About the Book Let’s see, I have the tape, the tape recorder, and fresh batteries. But Father, my thoughts continued and became a prayer, the folk with whom I want to share these words on tape have a very limited understanding of English, and I certainly have no knowledge of Danish. But then, if You [...]

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Wisdom from Grandma--MY EMOTIONS ARE A GIFT

About the Book God gave us emotions. They enable us to enjoy both our physical and spiritual interactions. They spring from our beliefs or perceptions about how others feel about us and treat us and our experiences. Our correct understanding of God, our loving creator, is enough to sustain healthy emotions because we get our [...]

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