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About the Book

“When I was about two and one-half years old … I decided to take a walk by myself.” Thus a precocious (and peculiarly mishap-prone) little boy, known to his loved ones as Freckles, raises an alert at home and around the neighborhood that will persist for years as he embarks on a lifetime journey of hijinks, hard-won lessons, and love.

Tag along with him to laugh and learn while faithful and well-meaning Freckles, along with his canine companion Buster and in league with siblings and friends, grapples with bees and axe blades, tomatoes and toy sirens, the forces of nature and his own mischievous impulses. Discover how many jams one boy can get himself into and be rescued from by loved ones and God’s grace.

As Freckles the boy grows up (but not too much!) into Dr. Guild, the man, husband, father, and medical missionary, find out along with him about God’s great wisdom, His many gifts to His children, the blessings of following His ways, and His unwavering compassion for the Freckles in all of us, as He seeks to guide us through the ups and downs of life toward the mountaintop of eternal life.

“I highly recommend this book for children, families, and all those who want to be reminded about the limitless power of our God.”

~ Dr. Kris R. Eckenroth, D.Min. M.Div., Speaker/Executive Director Retro Ministries

“Delightful, exciting, true- life stories with solid moral lessons.”

~ Chana, homeschooling mother of 5

“Parents and all readers will be blessed by his Christian values that lead us to Jesus.”

~ Dr. William D. Fisher DO, ACOFP

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About the Author


Dr. Gordon Guild, known as “Freckles” by family, friends, and fellow mischief-makers, lives with curiosity, courage, and compassion. Raised in Canada, he studied and practiced in Michigan and now lives in Tennessee. For thirty-seven years, Dr. Guild performed surgery, anesthesia, hospital rounds, office calls, coroner work, and delivered over 1,000 babies. Under his leadership, a long-term, closed-head injury rehabilitation program was established—the first of its kind in the U.S. It helps many young people recover who might otherwise perish.

When not making house calls or doing foreign medical/evangelism work, Dr. Guild enjoys time with Carol, his beloved wife of fifty-eight years, his four children, and eleven grandchildren. He loves the outdoors and missions. As he tells patients, “Life on this earth is short, but eternity is forever.”

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