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"In Ezekiel’s Temple, Shipowick provides a fascinating new insight into the parallels between the prophesied temple of Jerusalem, the end-time prophecies of Daniel, and how this relates to modern humanity just before the return of Jesus Christ. His book invites all to a careful reading and thoughtful reflection on their own life and preparation for the second coming." ~ Dr. Conrad Vine, ordained minister and lifelong missionary

“…you will find much food for thought about the final restoration of true worship, the glorious fulfillment of God’s covenant, God’s image being re-created in redeemed humanity, the 144,000 as the first fruits of this new creation, and the final work which is to be accomplished in the spirit and power of Elijah.” ~ Ovidiu Victor Martin, author and publisher

“The reader who takes the time to wrestle and study through these concepts should receive a blessing as they ‘read,’ ‘hear,’ and ‘keep’ these things ‘for the time is at hand’!”
~ Don LaBlanc, RN (retired)

About the Book:

Ezekiel’s Temple highlights key events that have transpired over the past 100-plus years and emphasizes their importance in the historical-prophetic landscape. Author Mark Shipowick eagerly posits that the particularities and unique elements of Ezekiel’s temple have many valuable lessons to teach us regarding the gospel and apocalyptic realities.

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