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Find Out Where We Are in Earth’s Timeline.

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"This book offers explanations to the often-common questions and misunderstandings of a Sovereign God interacting with humanity prior to and after free moral agents were subject to the curse of sin. For bible scholars, students, teachers, pastors, or avid historians, this read is a wonderful addition to your library."
~ Gary James, Executive Director

“Rich in historical detail, Waters shows how the Old Testament finds its fulfillment in the New Testament, and how that fulfillment applies to us today in how we are to worship and come into the presence of God.”
~ Conrad Vine, Pastor

About the Book:

Are you wondering where we are in the timeline of earth’s history? Author Carl H. Waters shares Biblical history in concise bite-sized pieces, explaining the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. He shows readers where we are in human history timeline, starting with the Creation and ending with the final conflict before Christ returns.

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