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NEW! A Story of Promises, Forgiveness, and Restoration!

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"Lady & Jesse Make a Promise exemplifies the extraordinary works of Larry B. Bachman and exceeds expectations of satisfactory authorship. Each page is captivating and strategically expressed. This fictitious presentation depicts a real-life story of two individuals who are determined to fulfill a sincere promise which inspired the magnificent production of The Promise, a musical representation of that commitment. 

Bachman captures the beauty of an almost lost talent. His style of writing is refreshing; the imagery makes you feel as if you are planted in the very midst of the scenes. Keeping the attention of readers is also an important aspect of writing. The tone, words, and mood of each event are accurately aligned and are congruent with each segment. This technique leaves very little room for boredom and showcases his skill as a writer. Skillful authors are often sought after and sometimes hard to find, but there is no reason for you to look any further. Bachman has published several books that attest to his remarkable talent, but this piece, in particular, has impacted my life in a very special way; it reminds me of the fact that life is short and time should be used wisely. Additionally, it entices the reader to examine and experience life’s challenges by connecting you to the source of solutions rather than focusing on problems. I invite you to securely invest in a worthwhile read!" ~ Dr. Estrella Delgadillo, R.N., N.D.

About the Book:

Although they promised to marry one day and serve God together, Jesse knows that the beautiful and gifted Lady Parsons must “take flight” and pursue a music career. Lady achieves fame but suffers grief, loss, resolution, and reaffirmation. Lady & Jesse Make a Promise reminds us that anyone, even Christians, can lose their way yet find forgiveness and restoration.

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