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“As one looks at history, archeological evidence, science, and common sense reasoning, and then studies the Bible, one can only conclude that the Bible is, in fact, the inspired Word of God.”

Building on this premise, author Michael Imhof sets out to prove the validity, truthfulness, and reliability of the Bible as a book inspired by God. Although written by many men over approximately 1,500 years, he shows through prophecy, science, and archaeology that the sixty-six books form a cohesive unit.

While on assignment in the Middle East, Commander Imhof was privileged to visit many sites where familiar Bible stories took place. Observing artifacts recovered during archaeological digs that affirm those stories increased his interest in studying the Bible for himself. In so doing, not only did he confirm the inspiration of the Bible, but he met the Author and dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

If you’ve ever had doubts about the integrity of the Bible, this book is for you. If you read it with an open mind and a prayer for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you, you will be convinced that the Bible is indeed God’s Word.

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Michael H. Imhof, Commander, U.S. Navy (ret.) and former Navy SEAL, has traveled the world. While visiting many of the places where Bible stories took place, he came to recognize the validity and truthfulness of the Bible narrative. Currently, he serves God as an evangelist, preaching wherever he's called.

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