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Be Inspired by GOD'S GIFT TO US

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About the Book

In this touching life story, Agnes Champagne shares her experiences with God and how He has turned her life around through the scripture. Her story sheds light on what God can do for His people. She opened her heart to the Lord and allowed Him to educate her. Agnes educates her audience on The Bible and how it has shaped her. She encourages others to seek God’s help and allow Him to perform miracles. Her story reminds us that God’s work never fails, and there is always hope, even in the darkest times.

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About the Author


Agnes Champagne is a God-loving woman with Italian roots. She loves to read the scripture and share her touching encounters with the Lord. She hopes to lead others in the right direction and educate the unfamiliar. She serves God in everything she does. Through trials and health problems, she continues to push forward with God’s word.

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