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The true story of a young woman possessed by several demons and of the courageous pastor who struggled to exorcise the demons from her. The three appendices include quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy on demon possession and a compilation of Bible texts dealing with the subject.

Dear Reader, As you read the story recorded on these pages, you will become acquainted with me as Paula Green. However, Paula Green is not my true name. For reasons which you will understand, I prefer not to use my real name. I have read the author’s manuscript and I certify that the events described in these pages really happened as recorded here, insofar as I am able to remember. Brief interludes occurred that summer when I was not fully aware of my actions or completely conscious of my surroundings because at that time other powers were controlling my mind. In the hope that others who read of my experience will be spared from a similar one. I have given permission to make my story known. In this way I want to praise God for the wonderful deliverance He has given me. To Him I give all the glory! —Paula Green

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