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The greatest opportunities to reach others for Jesus lie within our circles of influence. These are the days when we can experience the miraculous working power of the Latter Rain. Only the Holy Spirit can break through enemy lines to rescue captives in today’s all-out battle against truth.

Author Jim Kilmer goes beyond urging our need for the Holy Spirit. He demonstrates through real-life experiences how to break through the crust of worldliness and indifference to find those being drawn by the Spirit. You will be amazed at the practical and simple ways that a baptism of the Holy Spirit will access hearts that may appear hard and far from God. Apart from fanaticism, you will know the genuine fulfillment of the promise, “You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” and “you shall be witnesses.”

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AUTHOR BIO: Jim Kilmer's life can be summarized in four words—service for the Savior. A native of Washington State, he helped advance the kingdom of God throughout the Pacific Northwest in multiple capacities, including pastoral evangelism and conference Church Growth leadership. His influence has also circled the globe via professorship roles in Africa and the Middle East, as well as short-term mission work in Russia. Though “retirement” has brought him back home, he still tirelessly strives to represent Christ as a mentor and freelance writer.

Jim loves to spend time with his wife, Fran, and their children and grandchildren. He enjoys the great outdoors, especially as he engages in a unique hobby—riding experimental bicycles.

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