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Heartwarming Real-life Stories Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

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In the spirit of the beloved Christmas in My Heart® series, Cathy Weaver offers this collection of stories that encourage, inspire, and challenge. They embrace the entirety of what we experience at Christmastime—the traditions we hold dear, the feelings of wonder, and at times, the disappointment and loss—as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Some of the stories show individuals reflecting on Christmases from years past and the simple acts of love and kindness that brought joy and renewed faith; others contain simple meditations on the beauty and meaning of the season. In some narratives, individuals undergoing trial and hardship find hope and healing through a new understanding of God’s faithfulness. Also included are heartwarming animal tales that even the youngest readers can enjoy. Weaver hopes to show readers how our heavenly Father “heals us, restores us, and brings good out of life’s most painful moments.”

This heartwarming collection of stories shows how the gifts we give to each other reflect the gift of forgiveness and love that God gave to us on that glorious night in Bethlehem.

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Cathy Weaver enjoys hiking and birdwatching in beautiful New England, where she resides with her husband and best friend, Dave, and her orange tiger cat. In her spare time, Cathy gardens, writes poetry, creates scrapbooks for family, and helps pack tee shirts and pins for Pathfinder Club youth camporees. Weaver, who loves Christmas, says that she didn’t intend to write a book; she just wanted to chronicle a loving deed someone had done. Realizing that more needed to be said, she kept writing. She prays that this book, and her life, will reveal the love of our Creator.

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