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Jesus: The Portrait and Transcription of God will be a valuable resource for anyone who has any interest, ranging from casual to avid, in studying the Bible’s final book. Author George Paki pours years of research into this literary endeavor to make Revelation come alive in a meaningful way.

George builds an intriguing case for the use of an alternative method of interpreting the Apocalypse. He challenges Adventism’s classic adherence to historicism by recommending that it be interwoven with a particular brand of dualism. This brand is predicated on the valid hermeneutical principle of seeing a biblical text through the eyes of the original audience before making contemporary and personal applications. Paki is convinced that all the messages in Revelation were as understandable and applicable to the apostle John and his readers as they are to us.

The author adds depth to his assessment of Revelation (primarily chapters 1–3, as he will cover 4–22 more extensively in a future project) by surveying the overlaps in styles and themes between this and John’s Gospel and epistles. Essential insights from several biblical scholars, as well as even more important insights from the Spirit of Prophecy, further reinforce this extensive study. George Paki’s latest tome will enhance the libraries of academics and laypeople alike.

“It is well written, well laid out and has good solid biblical insights…Good solid evidence for Revelation’s high Christology.”—Dr. Kayle de Waal, Avondale College, Australia.

“I found it thoughtful, helpful, and interesting to read. The style of presentation...is also very attractive.”
—Prof. Jon Paulien, Loma Linda University, USA.

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George Paki currently resides in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea, where he serves as a chaplain at the University of Papua New Guinea and teaches New Testament at Pacific Adventist University. His nearly two decades in ministry include roles not only in education but pastoring and evangelism as well.

As much passion as George has for studying the Johannine books of the Bible, it is superseded by that for spending quality time with his three children: Freddy, Danny, and Joanna.

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