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Life Is Too Short to Live Weighed Down by Addiction.

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Living a Victorious Life from the Bottom to the Top The road to recovery from tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana is tough if you travel it alone. But what if you find a guide to help you along the way—someone who successfully broke free from these substances, changing an unfulfilling life into a life of purpose and accomplishment?

Join author Bruce Atchison on his life journey and discover the way to freedom from the control of addicting substances and the enjoyment of a life of satisfaction and meaning. From a lanky teenager who left the religion of his parents to find success in sports to a firefighter in the forest service to a jet engine mechanic in the United States Air Force, to a near failure in academics, Atchison continued to lean on addictive substances as true satisfaction continued to elude him. Find out what helped him gain victory in his life. Consider this a personal invitation to discover the steps to recovery. Also included are interactive worksheets to help you in your journey. The author has shared his knowledge with thousands of young people, and now you can achieve a victorious life of your own.

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Bruce Atchison, a drug and alcohol prevention educator for 28 years with the Listen Community Crusade Against Drugs, has spoken to thousands of young people, encouraging them to live a winning life through freedom from addictions, using his own experience and what he learned to illustrate the necessary steps to break free from such habits. He is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, and the author of Facing Today and Beyond: With Confidence and Complete, Optimal Health (2020).

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