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“The other night, my father came home really drunk. We are used to it but it was different that night. He had an axe in his hand and was going to chop off my mother’s head. I knew this would be possible because several such things happen in our village. Suddenly I remembered what you told us about praying to Jesus for help and that He will help us. I held my sister and closed my eyes and prayed to Jesus to save my mother. When I opened my eyes, I saw my father drop the axe and run away from the house. I knew it was Jesus who made my father do that. Jesus heard my prayer. I will always trust Him and I know he loves me. That you for teaching us about Jesus.”

Mission stories are not only a glimpse into another culture but also tell the stories of people whose lives have been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mission stories spark the imagination of children, especially when those stories are about other children. Many a child who has read mission stories grows up to be a missionary as an adult.

These short stories are written about children in Kukatpalli, Hyderabad, India, and are intended to be shared by parents with their children—or grandparents with grandchildren. Charming artwork illustrates the stories and will capture the attention of the littlest of listeners. The stories are full of the experiences of real children who learned to love, trust in, and pray to Jesus and have had their prayers answered. The author, a native of India herself, writes of her first-hand encounters with these precious children.

“These stories are living examples of the Word in our everyday lives.”
~ Mercy Sudhakar Panthulu, Founder of MUCH Hope, Chairperson of the Bridges Community Church Deaconess Board

“While each story stands in its own uniqueness, taken together they brilliantly unveil the gospel as a powerful transformative agent.”

~ Leanor Boulin Johnson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Family Studies, School of Social Transformation Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

“If you have not experienced the rewards that come from hugging an unloved child, or sharing what you have with kids who have nothing, you must read this book.”

~ Gordon Christo, President, Save the Orphans Please (India), Secretary, Orphan Relief Society Former Secretary, Southern Asia Division

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Bhagyam Moses has worked in the computer industry for over 35 years. However, the joy of serving the Lord in the poverty-stricken villages where child abuse was common and never questioned had given her life great satisfaction and fulfillment.

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