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Now Available, Amazing Truth: The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Remnant!

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The author, Samuel Abraham, was fascinated by the study of the Scriptures as his spiritual mentor helped him see that the Bible gives a more satisfying understanding of the origins of life, human civilization and language than philosophical materialism. Along the way, he discovered the uncanny nature of Bible prophecy and how God, through His prophets, predicted human history, provided a way for human redemption, and laid out a positive outcome for humankind. The author’s sometimes-novel explanations of Scripture and science will leave the reader thinking.

The book is his gift of love to others who may be troubled with the same concerns so they will recognize the veracity of the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

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Author Samuel J. Abraham loves to share with others the blessed hope of Jesus' return, Bible talks about God's creation, the spiritual conflict between Christ and Satan waged behind human experience, the uniqueness of the last-day Remnant, and the eternal relationship each person can have with the great Savior Jesus Christ. He is an ordained minister and holds an honorary doctorate degree in Philosophy in Biblical Studies, a Masters of Divinity, and a Masters of History, having completed his studies in India and the United States. His passion is reading—especially the Bible—and singing. He lives with his wife Jeevana and serves in Maryland as a Chaplain at Stella Maris Hospice Care.

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