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The books of Daniel and Revelation have long been a topic of study. While many of the prophecies found in these two books have already been fulfilled, many things are yet to happen. In these last days, it is essential to understand these amazing books and to see how they apply to what we are witnessing today.

To many, understanding Bible prophecies is a daunting task. What do the symbols mean? What are the words telling us? What is the actual history being played out in the pages of these books? Harold Newton understands that answering these questions can be overwhelming, and it is his goal to shed light through his engaging and straightforward comments, on the history and symbolism found in these prophetic books.

This compilation is taken from the King James Version of the Bible with Harold’s illuminating commentary sprinkled throughout to help bring the reader to a deeper understanding of Bible prophecy and its importance in the apocalyptic events going on around us.

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