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This book paints a realistic picture of what it was like for the author to be a caregiver, but its pages are aglow with hope and assurance that will resonate with all caregivers, inspiring and reminding them to trust God for the courage they need to face the tough issues of caregiving.

The author describes the daily worries, setbacks, missteps, and struggles that occurred when she suddenly found herself in the position of being the caregiver for her mother. All that that entailed will be familiar to anyone involved in providing care for a parent or other adult, especially for one who desired to remain independent but was making unwise decisions.

When we are called to do something especially challenging and difficult—such as caregiving—the author wants us to know that God can give us the special talents and abilities we need to handle each trying situation. She relates how, during those times when she sought God’s guidance and reassurance, she was surprised and blessed by His specific and timely answers to her prayers. At other times, however, when the constant concerns and uncertainties of caregiving threatened to overwhelm her, she admits that she ran ahead of God, forgetting how He had provided answers in the past, forgetting His tender care and concern for her—the caregiver.

In spite of the challenges and difficulties of being a caregiver, the author saw that God was teaching her precious life lessons of patience, forgiveness, and love every day. These were His special gifts to her as a caregiver.

It is the author’s wish that this book will help caregivers everywhere to turn to God when they need strength and then share with everyone the hope and eternal life that awaits those who trust God and give their hearts to Jesus.

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Nancy Berthiaume LaPierre lives in Newport News, Virginia, with her husband, Mark. She is the author of Journey to a Better Land and Journey to a Better Land Inspirational Gems Audiobook, 2011. Also, the book God's Power Revealed Through Prayer.

Several times throughout her life, Nancy has taken care of a precious souls who were in need— both young and old. Most recently, she cared for her own mother until her passing. Those seven years proved to be not only a time of challenge, but also a time of joy.

Nancy decided to share what she has learned — with the prayer that her experiences would be an encouragement to others

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