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Doctor Perry Louden puts his money where his mouth is when he proposes a new logical, instructive, and chronological take on Daniel 11. In his own words, “This position is by no means meant to be the end-all to our study and dialogue on Daniel 11…The result must be to put an end to our vacillation among a multitude of positions and opinions in Daniel 11.” Doctor Louden confronts years of indecision by using principles of interpretation consistent with Adventist theological history. He extends this consistency to questionable verses in Daniel 11, long since debated in Adventism. His chronological approach helps make Daniel 11 easier to follow.

Though Louden may not explicitly state who the King of the South is today, he does lay the necessary historical foundation that all––theologians and Bible students alike––need to arrive at the answers to questions that have long been obscured. “We are in the Toenails of Daniel’s Image, and we must present all Daniel’s prophecies with the same power and exuberance of those giving the message of hope in the judgment before October 22, 1844.”

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Perry F. Louden is an avid researcher of religion and history. He studied at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he received his MA in Christian studies. In 2019, Perry received a Ph.D. in literacy studies at Middle Tennessee State University. In his spare time, Louden sponsors a Bible club at a local public school, and he has a knack for solving insanely difficult puzzles. Currently, he lives in Bradyville, Tennessee, where he attends the Woodbury Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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